VIDEO: Police investigate Leeds working men’s club robbery

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Police are investigating a robbery at a working men’s club in Leeds.

Officers were called at 10.08am today after two masked men walked into Belle Isle Working Men’s Club, on Belle Isle Road, and threatened a member of staff.

Police at Belle Isle Working Men's Club

Police at Belle Isle Working Men's Club

It is thought Trevor Oldfield, the husband of club secretary Carole Oldfield, was hit over the head during the incident but was not seriously injured.

The robbers are thought to have escaped empty-handed.

Mr and Mrs Oldfield are understood to have gone to St George’s walk-in centre in Middleton following the incident for a check-up.

Detectives were at the club along with scenes of crime officers looking for evidence.

The police helicopter was called to help the hunt for the robbers and enquiries are ongoing.

A nearby resident said: “Police came round asking information. They didn’t say very much - only that there had been a robbery, but they didn’t get away with anything.”

Another said that a knife was recovered from a garden a short distance from the club.