Unpaid volunteer police officers called to woman 'ready to jump off' A64 bridge in Yorkshire

The A64 in Yorkshire
The A64 in Yorkshire
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A group of volunteer police officers - whose regular jobs include a builder and a carer - helped save a woman's life on the A64 in Yorkshire.

The Special Constabulary were working together on a shift for North Yorkshire Police on Friday night when they were called to a road bridge over the A64.

The van full of voluntary police - who are unpaid - then rushed to the bridge and helped save the Polish woman's life.

Their regular day jobs include a builder, a theatre producer and an A&E trauma doctor.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: "The Special Constabulary brings together an amazing diversity of life.

"Last night our van consisted of a Builder, A&E trauma doctor, cafe owner, theatre producer and a Polish carer who was amazing when we dealt with a Polish lady ready to jump off a road bridge over A64. All safe"

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What are Special Constables?

Special Constables have the same power, uniform and responsibilities as regular (paid) police officers but volunteer on a part-time basis.

Specials – as they are known – come from all walks of life and backgrounds bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the role.

They volunteer a minimum of sixteen hours per month to support local policing.

As North Yorkshire Police put it: "Being a Special Constable is not easy.

"You will be faced with challenging and confrontational situations that most people will never come across in their lifetime.

"But the rewards can vastly outweigh the challenges. You will gain confidence and new skills, work with a team of equally amazing people, and ultimately, you will have helped people in need or made their life better."

Can I volunteer to become a Special Constable?

North Yorkshire Police is not currently recruiting Special Constables, but that may change in the future - check here.

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