Two arrested after police officer attacked at Leeds Crown Court

29 January 2014... . . Leeds Crown Court. (TJ1002/21d). Picture by Tony Johnson
29 January 2014... . . Leeds Crown Court. (TJ1002/21d). Picture by Tony Johnson

A man and a teenager have been arrested over an attack on a police officer who was sat in court when a jury found a man guilty of two sexual assaults in Leeds.

The 34-year-old man and 16-year-old boy were detained today on suspicion of assault and contempt of court, West Yorkshire Police said. They remain in custody today while police enquiries continue.



Violence erupted inside Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday when a jury found Jamie Sharlotte, 25, guilty of two counts of sexual assault.

People sitting in a public gallery began protesting as the foreman delivered the first guilty verdict.

Men and women hurled abuse and swore repeatedly at the officer, who was physically assaulted and punched in the head and body.

The violence came to an end when security staff arrived at Court Seven to remove those involved after a few minutes.

It left Judge Guy Kearl QC questioning the response time and ordering an inquiry into the ‘extremely unusual’ events.

After the public gallery was clared, he told a security officer: “I’m concerned about the amount of time it’s taken for the security to arrive in this court.”

Retired judge HHJ Peter Collier, pictured in his former chambers at Leeds Crown Court..15th March 2016 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

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