True crime documentary turns spotlight on murder of Leeds schoolteacher Ann Maguire

Will Cornick.
Will Cornick.
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A true crime documentary series is set to give TV viewers a fresh insight into the events surrounding the shocking death of Leeds teacher Ann Maguire.

Britain's Deadliest Kids begins this weekend on digital channel Quest Red, with its opening episode exploring Mrs Maguire's murder by 15-year-old pupil Will Cornick during a lesson at Halton Moor's Corpus Christi Catholic College in 2014.

Ann Maguire.

Ann Maguire.

The programme hears from the prosecution and defence barristers at Cornick's trial as well as Dr John Kent, a consultant forensic psychiatrist who assessed the teenager after his arrest.

It also includes an interview with Zacc Capitano, who attended Corpus Christi at the same time as Cornick and was in school on the day of the attack.

Zacc was not in the lesson where the stabbing took place but, recalling how word began to spread that something terrible had happened, he tells the programme: "From my English class I could see the front yard of the school and an ambulance response car turned up and then a police car turned up.

"I asked the teacher what was happening and the teacher said, oh, I don't know, nothing. Then one of our other teachers came through and said our lesson would be extended because there had been an incident with a teacher and I said to my teacher, I bet it's Will Cornick. She looked at me in shock as if to wonder how I knew."

He adds: "We didn't know the extent of what had happened because all of the pupils who were in the classroom with [Mrs Maguire] were taken down to the library and kept in the library to talk to the police.

"We only realised how serious it was closer to the end of the day when we found out that she had actually died at the hospital."

Talking about his dealings with Cornick, Zacc says: "I think we first met when we were about 13, 14 years old properly, he was in my form class for two years.

"On a morning we used to play cards with Will, we'd play different games like blackjack and scabby queen, things like that, before we went to class.

"I was in the same English and Maths [classes] as him, he seemed normal.

"He wasn't my type of person, we had different tastes for things, but he just seemed like another normal kid in my class.

"The morning that it happened, I asked Will if he wanted to play cards and he said no.

"I said shall we play cards tomorrow then, and Will said, I won't be here tomorrow, and I just thought he was going to pull a sickie from school or just not come in and skive so we parted ways after form class and he went onto the rest of his lessons."

He adds: "Will always said that he didn't like [Mrs Maguire] but we always thought it was just the normal dislike for a teacher - there were teachers that I didn't like, there were teachers other pupils didn't like, but we would never have dreamed of doing what Will did."

Mrs Maguire, a 61-year-old mother-of-two from Moortown, taught at Corpus Christi for more than 40 years and was months away from retirement when she died.

Cornick pleaded guilty to murder at Leeds Crown Court and was handed a life sentence.

Britain’s Deadliest Kids premieres at 10pm on Saturday, May 11, on Quest Red and on the QuestOD app.