Tips to lock out summer thieves

Protect your home against burglary.
Protect your home against burglary.
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As the clocks go forward and we step into Spring, West Yorkshire Police is urging homeowners to protect their homes and not to be caught out by opportunistic thieves.

A new campaign is aimed at preventing people from becoming victims of burglary in the summer weather, which leads people to leave windows open and doors unlocked whilst they are out in their gardens.

New figures reveal that in the past year there were 13,536 burglaries across the county, with burglaries increasing over the summer and autumn months peaking at 279 in November.

Almost a third of burglaries happen when opportunistic thieves walk in through an unlocked front door and 26 per cent through unlocked or open windows.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams said: “One of West Yorkshire Police’s key priorities is to reduce burglary across the county and we are launching this Spring campaign to show our continued commitment to bringing offenders to justice.

“A key part of this is reminding homeowners to be vigilant and make sure their homes are secure. Our Neighbourhood Policing Teams are dedicated to reducing the number of 
burglaries across West Yorkshire and urge communities to ensure their properties are secure.

“We would like to remind residents not to leave leys in 
the back of a locked door and ensure all valuable items are out of sight when they are not in use.

“Also we would encourage people to offer to keep an eye on a neighbour’s home when they are on holiday by opening and closing blinds or curtains.

“Removing mail from the letterbox is another simple thing that prevents a burglar from identifying if a property is unoccupied.”