Thug hit with £2,000 compensation bill for car-wrecking spree in Leeds street after getting drunk at funeral

A thug who smashed up six cars in a street in Leeds after getting drunk at a funeral was handed a bill for more than £2,000 to compensate his victims.

Thursday, 30th July 2020, 11:45 am

Rafael Lovick was given the hefty financial penalty by a judge after hearing how he carried out random acts of vandalism on vehicles parked on Rowland Road in Beeston.

Residents in the street were alerted by the sound of crashing and banging noises in the south Leeds street during the Covid-19 lockdown on March 30 this year.

Leeds Crown Court heard how one resident looked out of her window to see Lovick kicking vehicles indiscriminately.

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Rafael Lovick was ordered to pay 2,000 for criminal damage to six vehciles on Rowland Road, Beeston.

Another man who was with Lovick tried to discourage him from causing the damage, saying: "People are looking at you."

Lovick replied "I don't care" and continued to kick cars and smash windscreens.

Other people in the street shouted at the defendant to stop but he went over to them and continued to be aggressive.

Another resident in the street described how Lovick appeared volatile.

She feared for her safety after seeing the defendant beside her brother's car.

Police were called and the incident was filmed by residents using mobile phones.

Robert Galley, prosecuting, said six vehicles in the street were damaged.

Five had windscreens smashed and a VW Transporter van had a door panel badly smashed.

The total value of the damage to the vehicles was worth around £1,900.

The court heard Lovick and his friend left the area and got into a taxi nearby on Rington Road.

An argument broke out in the car after one of the men asked to be taken to Bradford and the other asked to be driven to a different destination.

Lovick's friend got out of the taxi and kicked the vehicle.

The taxi driver drove off with Lovick still in the car.

The defendant grabbed him by the face and threatened him.

The court heard the driver stopped the car a short distance away after seeing a police officer in the street.

Lovick was arrested and initially denied any wrongdoing.

He had marks on his fist from punching the cars but claimed he had got them while swimming.

Lovick, 34 of Sugar Well Mount, Meanwood, pleaded guilty to affray, criminal damage and common assault.

He has previous convictions and has served prison sentences for conspiracy to commit robbery and drug dealing.

Probation officer Mike Cooper said the incident happened after Lovick got drunk at a funeral and began arguing with his friend.

Mr Cooper said: "He said he took out his aggression on the vehicles rather than his friend.

"He accepted that he was wrong."

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC made Lovick the subject of a 12-month community order.

He must also complete 120 hours of unpaid work.

The judge said: "It does not need me to tell you that you have a bad record.

"What you did in drink that night during the lockdown, which is an aggravating feature, was beyond understanding.

"It was just mindless and senseless damage which causes enormous distress to the victims.

"Even though it was only damage to cars, it causes huge inconvenience."

Lovick was also ordered to pay a total of £1,900 in compensation to six victims plus £310 court costs.