Teenager planned ‘triple homicide’ on day he killed Leeds teacher

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THE TEEN killer boasted of a plan to commit a “triple homicide” on the day he killed Mrs Maguire, which was to include the stabbing to death of a pregnant teacher.

The teenager, who was told today that he may never been released from custody, showed no emotion during the attack and displayed no signs of his murderous intent in the days leading up to it.

For many years he had been a polite and academically bright pupil throughout most of his school life.

But after being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of his 12, there had been a noticeable change in his personality.

In a detailed explanation of his motivation, he told a psychiatrist:

“(The killing) was always on my mind since Year 8; the thought of homicide, murdering her. I was always telling my friends the bitch was terrible.

“I couldn’t see myself passing college and had no hope of doing anything. I tried to apply for the army but they said no because of my diabetes. I knew what I was going to do; it was what I did. I said I was going to do other stuff but I never got the chance, other murders. It was a triple homicide. What I have done, I couldn’t give a ****”

At the time of the killing, the Year 11 pupil was studying for his GCSE exams, having taken and passed five exams a year early.

He had never been convicted of any criminal offence and his school reports had generally been positive.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney, QC, described the youngster’s mum and dad, who have been separated and divorced for many years, as “decent people and responsible parents.”

He said: “They are at a loss to understand how and why their son has turned out as he has and they have co-operated fully with the police and with the prosecution.

Psychiatrist Dr John Kent said of the youngster’s parents: “Both parents are in my view entirely responsible and caring people. They have both been devastated by events and neither has an explanation.”

The court heard that the killer’s family life prior to the tragedy had been marked by love and support.

His school records since nursery age had been remarkable for the “achievements and academic progress” he had made.

Records also showed him to have made good progress at primary school where he was considered helpful, considerate, polite and had a positive attitude to learning.

When he reached Year 7 his parents received a letter congratulating him on his progress.

His head of year observed that he was “a delightful pupil who always gave his best” and had 100 per cent attendance.

Mr Greaney said there were only five recorded incidents of misbehaviour at school prior to the attack.

He said: “The third, fourth and fifth all occurred in February 2014 and all concerned (the teenager’s) imagined problems with Mrs Maguire and his dislike for Spanish lessons.”

The court heard there was a major event in the youngster’s life when he was on a family holiday when he was aged 12.

He collapsed and was admitted to hospital and later diagnosed with diabetes.

The diagnosis had a major impact not only on his life but also on his mood and personality.

Between 2011 and 2013 his mother noted some evidence of self harming.

In 2013 there was also evidence of him stealing from home.

He later discovered that he would be unable to pursue his intended career in the army.

The youngster then began showing disturbing aspects of his behaviour in front of pupils at the school. Many of them were focused on Mrs Maguire.

He told one friend that he had hated Mrs Maguire since Year 7 and wanted her dead.

He spoke to another pupil of her being killed in “unpleasant circumstances.”

To other pupils he spoke of his plan to kill not only Mrs Maguire, but a young female teacher who was pregnant as well as a male teacher.

The youngster also spoke of “brutally killing” Mrs Maguire in Facebook messages during Christmas.

In February this year, Mrs Maguire told the teenager he could not attend a school bowling trip after he failed to do his Spanish homework.

His parents were later called in to a meeting at school after teachers were concerned about his lack of application.

During the meeting the pupil made it clear that he hated Mrs Maguire. He later posted a message on Facebook: “The one absolute ******* bitch that deserves more than death, more than pain, torture and more than anything that we can understand.”

The court heard the teenager had appeared in a good mood at a family birthday gathering on the weekend before the killing and showed no signs of what he was about to do.

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