Stranded motorists hurl abuse at highways staff after horror crash on Yorkshire motorway

The horror smash on the M18 motorway
The horror smash on the M18 motorway
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Stranded motorists 'hurled abuse' at highways staff after a horror crash on a Yorkshire motorway today.

Several people were taken to hospital after a multi-car smash on the M18 this morning, close to junction 1 for Bramley.

The mangled wreck on the M18 motorway

The mangled wreck on the M18 motorway

A van was left in a wreck, a tangle of broken metal, following the serious collision.

The incident sparked long delays and tailbacks while police and Highways staff dealt with the incident.

Motorists 'hurled abuse'

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: "This is why we had to close the M18 north near junction 1 this morning.

"Occupants of the silver Suzuki were injured and taken to Hospital.

"We know it caused massive tailbacks but surely you can see why we closed the road.

"Thank you for being patient with us while we dealt with the injured people and the large amount of debris.

"What we don't appreciate is stranded motorists thinking it's OK to verbally abuse Highways Agency staff who are trying to put closures on and divert traffic, or thinking it's a good idea to drive the wrong way up the hard shoulder in order to get out of the traffic jam.

"Please rest assured that when we check our cameras if we can identify you we will prosecute you.

"The M18 is now fully open and yesterday's stranded abnormal load has also been removed."