Six taxis suspended during West Yorkshire Police checks

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Six taxis were suspended during checks for illegal diesel and road worthiness in West Yorkshire.

Police checked more than 33 taxis after 'concerns were raised by the community'.

Police conducting checks on taxis. Photos: West Yorkshire Police

Police conducting checks on taxis. Photos: West Yorkshire Police

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A total of 33 taxis had their tanks dipped to check for the use of illegal 'red diesel'.

As a result, five of the vehicles were seized by the DVSA as being unfit for use on the road. Another seven taxis were served with delay notices and two more were given on the spot fines.

Six drivers were suspended from operating due to non compliance in the day of checks by the Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team in the Sandy Lane Village and Allerton Road areas of the

Coun Duffy said “It was great to see first-hand the police and partners in action and working to keep our community safe.

"Talking to residents on the day they said that they appreciated the hard work of police and partners and welcomed the visibility of the operation and their work to keep our roads safe which we as ward councillors echo”.