Police warning after thieves target Volkswagen vehicles in Leeds

Police in Leeds have issued a warning after a spate of thefts of sat navs and audio devices from VW vehicles
Police in Leeds have issued a warning after a spate of thefts of sat navs and audio devices from VW vehicles
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West Yorkshire Police has issued a warning after a spate of thefts of sat navs and audio systems from Volkswagen (VW) vehicles.

The community alert was sent to residents in North East Leeds and warned that VW vehicles are being targeted because their centre consoles are easily removed.

Police say they will patrol the areas that have been targeted looking for offenders whenever possible.

Adele Fox, Neighborhood Support Officer for North East Leeds, said: "Unfortunately there is no easy fix to the issue, but hopefully the crime prevention advice will give you some ideas on the best way to protect your vehicle."

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How can I ensure my VW vehicle is safe?

West Yorkshire Police has issued the following advice to VW owners:

- Make sure that the vehicle is really locked and secured. Don’t rely on just hearing the click when the fob is pressed. Double check that all windows and doors are secure before you walk away from the vehicle.

- Read the vehicle’s user manual and find out and test what security is installed. If it has an alarm system, make sure you use them and they are activated when you leave the vehicle.

- In public places, make sure to park their vehicles in well lit areas with plenty of natural visibility. In areas where there are CCTV, park it where it is covered and close to the cameras.

- At home: a. If parked on the drive or at the side of the road, again make sure there is visibility and it is well lit to provide plenty of natural surveillance.
b. If you have perimeter fences and gates, use it. Lock the gate and make sure the fences are not easily breached. Use other type of perimeter security as you see fit like CCTV, Security lights with PIR or infrared movement sensors on the drive to alert you if there is an intruder.
c. If you have a garage, use it.
d. If the satnav or audio system can be removed, remove it. Ask your dealer about it. They are aware of this issue and they can instruct you on the easiest way to do it.

- Check online or any local vehicle security company for any possible device and added measures you can install or connect to the device to make it more secure.

- Use any marking tool like SMARTWATER or SELECTAMARK to mark and register your dash board device and put stickers on screen and side windows telling thieves that the device is marked and traceable.

- Use tracking Apps if they are available for your device’s make and model.

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