Police warn public not to ring 999 after falling asleep on a night out or losing your phone

West Yorkshire Police have warned the public not to ring 999 if you fall asleep on a night out.

By Daniel Sheridan
Monday, 16th December 2019, 11:45 am

In a series of tweets under the hashtag #Not999, the force described a number of examples of how not to use the emergency line.

Examples included falling asleep on a night out, losing a phone and an apple account being hacked.

One tweet said: "Falling asleep on a night out is not a reason to ring 999. #Not999"

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The force have used the hashtag to warn of a huge array of reports which should not have been made on the emergency line.

Another example included a suspect ringing to complain after they 'punched someone'.

The tweet said: "Ringing 999 to complain that you have punched someone and you are now being investigated as a suspect is not the correct use of an emergency line. #Not999"