Police vow to clamp down on problem parking in this Leeds area after refuse lorries couldn't collect bins

Police have issued a warning about problem parking
Police have issued a warning about problem parking
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Police have warned drivers in one Leeds neighbourhood that they will clamp down on problem parking after bin lorries were unable to get down a street.

West Yorkshire Police are targeting drivers in and around Sturton Lane and Sturton Avenue in Garforth becuase of cars parked in front of driveways, junctions and on pavements.

On 'several occasions' bins haven't been collected due to double parked cars blocking the road.

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A spokesman said: "It has become apparent that some people are parking inconsiderately in and around Sturton Lane / Sturton Avenue in Garforth

"Some of these vehicles are causing obstructions to driveways, the roadway and pavements.

"There have been several occasions where the refuse hasn’t been collected due to wagons not being able to get down the street on Friday’s.

"Residents have also complained that they have had to walk into the road to get past some vehicles.

"Please be considerate and park responsibly.

"If you need to visit the area please consider other forms of transport, car share or park further away and complete your journey by foot.

"Local PCSO’s will be patrolling the area over the coming months and will be taking action where necessary.

"Fixed penalty tickets may be issued to those who continue to park irresponsibly."

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