Police 'utterly disgusted' to find eleven people cramped into seven-seater Land Rover

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Police were 'utterly disgusted' to discover eleven people cramped into a seven-seater Land Rover - and eight of them were children under the age of 10.

The shocking incident happened in the Bradford area.

Three adults were in the car alongside:

Two nine-year-old children.

Three four-year-old children.

A six-year-old child.

A seven-year-old child.

And a two-year-old toddler.

None of the children had been strapped in with a seatbelt or child safety seat.

Officers from Bradford's Steerside unit, who deal with anti-social & criminal use of the roads, shared the incident Twitter.

The team said; "Utterly disgusted by the driver of this Land Rover.

"Seven seats equals seven passengers, not eleven!

"Especially when eight of them are under the age of 10!

"None of them strapped in either!

"The driver can go to court and explain themselves now."