Police investigate ‘family feud’ in Leeds after 30 incidents reported

A house on Woodlea Mews, Beeston,was damaged by a vehicle after it rammed into the building on Sunday
A house on Woodlea Mews, Beeston,was damaged by a vehicle after it rammed into the building on Sunday
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POLICE are investigating a catalogue of incidents that are believed to be linked to a family feud in Leeds.

The investigation into the dangerous feud involves a string of incidents including cars being rammed into local homes and businesses, vehicles being set on fire, criminal damage and drugs in Beeston.

The decision to publicise the investigation has been taken in the interests of reassuring the local community following a number of recent incidents that are believed to be linked.


Shortly before 11pm on Thursday, September 10, police received a report of two cars having been set on fire at Middleton Crescent, Beeston.

On Sunday, September 6, a green Land Rover was deliberately rammed into a property in Woodlea Mews.

The same vehicle rammed two shops in Dewsbury road around the same time and it was later recovered by police from Parkwood Crescent.

Officers are now looking into these incidents as part of a wider investigation into around 30 similar incidents going back to May last year.

Inspector Jon Arrowsuch, who heads the Inner South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are keen to reassure local people that we simply will not tolerate the type of criminal behaviour that has been going on as part of what appears to be a long-running family feud.

“These incidents are understandably causing concern to people in the community and have on a number of occasions put the safety of other innocent parties at risk.

“We have been investigating these incidents for some time and taking appropriate action, including making a number of arrests, but we now feel it is important to highlight that work publicly so that local people are aware.

“The incidents have in the main been criminal damage to properties, such as smashed windows, and cars being set on fire in a series of retaliations.

“There is also more serious criminality linked to this situation and we have searched a number of addresses and stopped vehicles and seized large of amounts of drugs.

“We have increased our patrols in the areas affected and will be focusing extra attention on them while our ongoing investigation continues.”

He added: “We remain fully committed to taking robust and decisive action to address this situation and people in the community should be in no doubt that we will use every tactic available to us to ensure that the situation is resolved.”

Anyone with any information can call the Inner South NPT via 101 or the Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.