Police in Wakefield will provide extra patrols near mosques during Ramadhan to reassure community

Wakefield Central Mosque.
Wakefield Central Mosque.

West Yorkshire Police will be providing extra patrols in Wakefield this weekend to reassure communities observing Ramadhan.

The Islamic festival begins this year on Sunday May 5 and ends on Tuesday June 4.

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During the month of Ramadhan many Muslim worshippers fast from dawn until sunset and perform extra nightly prayers.

In Wakefield, officers will be visible around communities and mosques which can get busy with worshippers during evenings and night time.

They force is also advising residents to take basic security steps when walking late at night and to make sure their homes are left locked and secure while they are at prayer.

Neighbourhood Policing Officers in Wakefield have issued safety tips and reassurance to residents.

Inspector Sohail Mohammed of the Wakefield North East & Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Ramadhan is a significant occasion for the Muslim community and a time for reflection and humility.

“The local mosques will see an increase in attendance in the late evening into the early hours of the morning, and officers will be on hand to help residents feel safe.

“We are conscious that these times may well see residents venturing out late at night who would not normally do so and as a local NPT inspector I would remind those at prayer to take some basic safety and security steps.

“These include planning a route to your mosque, staying in well-lit areas, and make sure you leave your homes securely locked up when you are out."

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He added: “Wakefield is a safe city with very good community cohesion, and there is no intelligence to suggest there is any increase in risk to residents during the Ramadhan period.

“Nevertheless I would like to stress that the force takes hate crime extremely seriously and is committed to taking robust action against those who commit it.

"Anyone of any religious belief or background who feels they have been the victim of a hate crime is encouraged to report it via 101 in a non-emergency situation and via 999 if they feel they are at immediate risk.

“Finally, I would like to say Ramadhan Mubarak to residents in our communities and hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Ramadhan.”