Police expose £2,000 smartphone delivery scam in Leeds - this is how it works

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Police are warning people not to fall for a scam in which brand new smartphones are delivered to unsuspecting customers in Leeds.

West Yorkshire Police said there had a spate of phone scams in Leeds recently.

There has been a spate of smartphone scams in Leeds recently.

There has been a spate of smartphone scams in Leeds recently.

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They outlined how the scam works: "A member of the public contacted police on 30/08/19 to state that she had had two Apple I-Phones delivered to her address which had been paid for through her BT account (she did not order them). They were delivered to her home address.

"At 1015hrs 30/08/19, a male and female attended, both dressed in DPD uniforms, stating that they had come to collect the phones as they had been delivered incorrectly to her address. After being challenged they left without the phones."

Both phones were worth £2,000.

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The person in question did not fall the scam - and she sent the suspect's away from her house empty handed.

What should you do?

If a courier unexpectedly comes to collect an item at your home, do not hand it over. Check their credentials and call the company they claim to be representing.

If you have any fears, contact the police.

If you receive an unexpected high-value package such as a phone, contact the retailer immediately and arrange for it to be sent back, as the scammer may have attempted to intercept the delivery or will pose as a 'courier' to collect the item.

Identity theft is also on the rise, so if you spot any suspicious activity on your account report it to your bank immediately. Ensure personal documents such as bank statements are not left lying around, and are shredded before throwing away.