In pictures: Here's what the reunion of West Yorkshire Police dogs looked like

The West Yorkshire Police dogs all came together before a photo shoot, and here's what their reunion looked like.

Friday, 5th February 2021, 9:24 pm
photos: West Yorkshire Police dogs Twitter account

Bruce, Mali, Leo and Zero met in a West Yorkshire Police office on Thursday before starring in their very own police dog photo shoot.

The reunion was "naturally chaos" according to the officers managing the official Twitter page for the West Yorkshire Police Dog Support Unit.

But, most importantly, the dogs had "great fun" and from the pictures, it seems like they enjoyed bonding with each other as well as climbing on the office desks.

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A tweet from the West Yorkshire Police dogs account said: "A quick reunion for all our pups (Bruce, Mali, Leo and Zero) today as they all came together in the office prior to a photo shoot.

"Naturally it was absolute chaos, but great fun for the dogs."