Philip Lawrence’s widow leads online tributes to stabbed Leeds teacher

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THE WIDOW of murdered headteacher Phillip Lawrence has led tributes on the YEP’s website following the tragic death of Ann Maguire.

The death of the 61-year-old Spanish teacher at Corpus Christi Catholic College has provoked an outpouring of emotion, with Frances Lawrence offering her support to the teacher’s family, friends and colleagues.

Frances Lawrence. PIC: PA

Frances Lawrence. PIC: PA

Events have brought memories of Mr Lawrence, who was killed outside the entrance of his school in West London in 1995 when he went to the aid of a pupil being subjected to gang violence, flooding back.

Frances wrote: “Eighteen years ago, my husband Philip Lawrence, a headteacher, was murdered outside his school as he intervened to save a pupil from gang violence.

“By now perhaps I should have learned words of comfort for you, the family and community of beloved teacher, Ann Maguire.

“But I have learned only that there are no words. Instead I send all my love and my prayers and my ongoing thoughts along the cruel journey which you are now forced to begin.”

Latest responses from YEP website readers as well as those connected to the paper’s social media channels on Twitter @LeedsNews and on the facebook page include:

Claire Littlewood: So so tragic. RIP. Thoughts to your family, friends and colleagues. What is society coming to? that you can’t go to work and be safe these days.

Natalie Bentley: Terrible news. R.I.P

Jayne Ramsden: So sad. My thoughts are with her family but also not forgetting the poor children and staff who witnessed this. RIP. Lovely lady xx

Olly McClellan: So sad, I can’t believe it, I really can’t. That poor lady going about her business and that happens! My thoughts are with her family, friends, teachers and the pupils! Devastating!

Mary Carr: It’s crazy that such a horrific thing like this happens May she R.I.P thoughts are with all that knew her especially her family and friends x

Kirsty Hicken: Shocked and stunned. Heartbreaking. RIP Mrs Maguire. XxX

Andy Jay Love: Thoughts to this poor lady, her family and all who respected what she left her home to do this morning - Teach! Sadly she isn’t returning home to her family. Very sad times we are livin in. R.I.P. Mrs Maguire.

Vicky Brian Bateman: RIP. Poor lady. Love to her family.

Lindsay Thompson: Seems to have been a lovely old style teacher who had a genuine love of teaching and children. Dreadful thing to have happened may she rest in peace.x

Simon Wheatley: R.I.P Mrs Maguire so so sad. Can’t believe what’s happened. It’s a cruel world we live in sometimes.

Adele Hardy: R.I.P Mrs Maguire. Such a fantastic lady with a great personality. Taught me years ago. All our prayers go out to you and your family. Can’t believe this has been able to happen. Think its time our schools have security to protect pupils and teachers. Such a sad. Sad day.

Greg Ransome: Such sad news. RIP Anne Maguire. She taught me years ago and was a great teacher. Senseless.

Michael Lufc Jordan: I’ll be taking flowers. She did alot for our school and ended up giving her life for it. This lady deserves a huge turn out for her funeral and I for one will be there.

Lisa Jane Coverdale: RIP. Took so young.

Stuart Nelson: A tragic loss of a dedicate teacher. Rest in peace.

Para 123: The warm loving words & memories from previous & present students are probably a fitting epitaph for a woman who plainly had a talent for inspiring.

D Bowden: May your beautiful, caring soul live on in the lives of those you have touched. I’ll cherish the memories I have of you.

Jessie: R.I.P Mrs Maguire. No one should go to work and not return home!

Evielmcintyre: C an’t believe a teacher from corpus has been stabbed. RIP Mrs Maguire.

Kyle Rennison: RIP Mrs Maguire - can’t believe the news I’m reading today. Was proud to be one of your pupils for 4 years. What a sick world we live in :(

Lufcburger: God bless Mrs Maguire the teacher stabbed at my old school in Leeds.#Rip

Sinead: RIP Mrs Maguire. Such a lovely person.

Pam Hardcastle: Can’t believe it about Mrs. Maguire. Awful news.

Danielle Langstaff: RIP Mrs Maguire! Absolutely sickened by the news, what is the world coming to.

Sarah: Shocking news about the Leeds school teacher stabbed to death. RIP Mrs Maguire.

Natalie Jade Jones: RIP Mrs Maguire. Utterly devastated

Bridgett Johnson: RIP Mrs Maguire. Thoughts go out to Mrs Maguire’s friends and family! Absolutely heartbreaking news

Damian: My old high school head teacher, Mrs Maguire, an amazing teacher has been stabbed to death.

Rebecca Brown: Absolutely disgusting and sickening to think someone could act in that way to such a lovely, funny and caring lady! Rip Mrs Maguire xx

Shaggy: Actually devastated R.I.P Mrs maguire, such a kind caring women taken always from everyone

Abby Warwick: So awful to hear about this, Mrs Maguire was a lovely person and a great teacher, RIP x

Kelly Bridge: How terrible one of my favourite teachers has been stabbed. So sad RIP Mrs Maguire. #corpuschristihighschool

Brayoncé: Mrs Maguire was an amazing teacher. One of the best. I can’t imagine what has happened, but my thoughts are with everyone.

Danny: RIP Mrs Maguire, terrible news.

Niall Devine: Awful, awful news. RIP, Mrs Maguire.

Kawaiialien: How on earth could anyone do that?! RIP Mrs Maguire, such a lovely wonderful woman

PropaneGames: RIP Mrs Maguire!

Nathan Mulenga: Rest in peace Mrs Maguire.

Lucy Melia: Everybody has got nothing but pure love for mrs maguire. Still haven’t met anyone else like her. She was the heart of that school

Nath Ransom: I can’t believe it. Rest in peace Mrs Maguire!

Michael Walpole: Wonderful teacher and friend. Absolutely disgusted and saddened by the news xx

Chris Hicken: RIP Mrs Maguire. Genuinely think back to your lessons with a smile, adios Señora.

Jess Foster: Rest in peace Mrs Maguire. You are always in our thoughts and we love you so much. Spanish will never be the same.

Sarah Louise Limbert: Poor woman.

Jayne Wade: So very sad. Thoughts go out to family, staff and students.

Andrew Johnson: Tragic.

Andy Hutchinson: This is so very sad. Thoughts go out to the ladies family, friends and any pupils affected by this tragedy.

Ann-Marie Reed: She was a lovely lady.

Ashley Dunn: Bit shocked that the school was left open for the day and everything has carried on as normal.

Dale Bowes: She was the best teacher in the school.

Margaret McDowell: That’s disgusting ! Poor woman RIP.

Martin Anthony Moore: Shocking to say the least.

Carrie Louise Langley: Absolutely tragic

Emma Benson: This is awful. Poor woman. RIP.

Claire Taylor: What is this world coming to? Condolences to the woman’s family x

Jo Clement: So sad that no one is safe in schools nowadays. RIP to the poor teacher.

Wendy Longley: Poor woman. You should be safe at your place of work.

Terrasa Bolton: That is disgusting.

Isabel Harkin-Whitfield: Such a sad day for Leeds.

Trish Skinner: R.I.P. So sad, my thoughts go to staff, friends and family xx

Suzanne Dickinson: Shocking. Thoughts with her family an all those at Corpus Christie School affected by this.

Kerry Simpson: This is awful! Poor poor woman. Thoughts are with her family. RIP.

Dawn Chadwick What is this world coming to? My heart goes out to the family! R.I.P xxxxx

Gemma Boycott: RIP Mrs Maguire. You were a credit to Corpus. Thoughts with your family at this tragic time xxx

Michelle Gardener: so tragic for all concerned. RIP

Kaiya Kelly: Such sad news, R.I.P Mrs Maguire. x

Tracy Smith: Shocking!

Ruth Greenwood: Dreadful!

Cherie Cartwright: This is totally disgusting. RIP Mrs Maguire xxx

Heather Clark: Can’t believe they didn’t close the school out of respect. Thoughts are with the family xx

Ishraq Michael: Awful.

Caroline McGowan: RIP Mrs Maguire you were so lovely. Thoughts with all concerned x

Margaret Long: This is awful. P oor woman x

Corky Balotelli She used to teach Spanish lessons when I was there. RIP Mrs Maguire.

Linda Otley: What an horrific incident. Condolences to her family and friends and all those affected by this

Ravinder Matharu: This is so shocking!!

Loraine Holmes: Shocking. There’s no respect any more and lack of discipline from a young age at home.

Samantha Lovejoy: Disgusting.

Nikki Robertson: It’s such a tragedy and sad to hear this! By the sounds of it a lovely women who was well liked. Just seems unfair that her life was taken. My thoughts are with family and friends at this sad time xx

If you knew Mrs Maguire or have been affected by the events at her school, please add your thoughts to our

book of condolence.

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