Pet cat purposely killed by 4x4 in front of his owner

A distraught pet owner has out at an ‘evil’ motorist who purposely sped up to kill her pet cat in front of her eyes.

Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 3:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 4:30 pm
Chester, who was killed by a driver on purpose.

Carole Anne Whitehead watched in horror as her nine-year-old Tomcat, Chester was mowed down by a Range Rover on the Warwick Estate in Knottingley.

Mrs Whitehead, who had come out of her home one evening to find one of her other seven cats that had been missing and spotted ginger and white Chester following her.

But as he crossed Hawthorne Avenue, the dark-coloured Range Rover appeared to slow down and stop to allow the cat to cross, but then accelerated and hit the defenceless animal.

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Hawthorne Avenue, where the cat was killed. (Google Maps)

Mrs Whitehead said: “It was gut instinct that I knew what that person was going to do.

“Chester started running and the car was just following him. It was deliberate, who would slow down and then do this?”

She said the cat was left in agony and mercifully died about two minutes later. She was holding him in her arms when he passed away.

She took in the rescue cat several years ago and he was partially feral.

But after plenty of care she said Chester learned how to play and became a loving, affectionate member of the family.

“I’m both angry and upset,” she said.

“I was in shock when it happened, it’s unbelievable that anybody could do something like that.

“He was such a beautiful cat and we are bereft.

“How could anybody be so callous or evil?

“His life should never have ended in the cruel way it has."

The incident happened at around 10.15pm on Monday, August 26. Anyone with information should contact police on 101, quoting the log ref number 1517 from August 26.