'Pathetic and cowardly' Leeds man beat partner and threatened her with a machete

A man who beat his girlfriend and threatened her with a machete has avoided a prison sentence at Leeds Crown Court today.

By Richard Beecham
Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 4:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 5:07 pm

Dylan Bleasby, 21, of Elmete Way, Roundhay, had pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating, threatening behaviour and criminal damage.

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On November 11, 2021, the victim, who had been in a relationship with Bleasby for a number of years, had been at work when she was called by him. Bleasby said "I know what you have done".

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The hearing took place at Leeds Crown Court.

Although the two had arguments in the past, this made the victim nervous, so she returned from work straight away.

When she got to the house, the victim saw Bleasby standing outside, holding a machete. He then approached the car and swung the weapon into the driver's side.

The court was told the victim was "alarmed and knew he was going to hurt her".

She went into the house, where Bleasby shouted sexual slurs at her, before throwing a number of items, including a TV remote control, which hit her leg.

He then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to the floor, where he punched her in the head, neck and legs, then kicked her to the body.

The court was told she said "I can't believe you hit me", before Bleasby calmed down and blamed her for the assault. The victim then forgave him and the two slept in the same bed that evening.

On November 19, the victim was in bed while Bleasby was in the shower. He then came out and made similar accusations about infidelity, unprompted. The victim tried to leave but he grabbed and ripped her bra. He then went on to shout slurs at her, before she started to cry, to which he responded "I'll give you something to cry about".

He took the machete and held it to her face, threatening to stab her. He then let go of the weapon, before grabbing the victim's head and repeatedly hitting it against the wall.

The victim escaped, having been chased by Bleasby, and drove to a friend's house.

A statement by the victim said she left feeling unable to go out and see friends, as well as not being able to work for four months after the assaults.

Mitigating, Cristopher Dunn made the argument that, in order for Bleasby to no longer be a threat to people in future, he must receive support from the probation service, which he would not get with an immediate prison sentence.

He said: "The behaviour the defendant witnessed as a child has been traumatising to him. It impacted in such a way that he defaults to this during times of friction in relationships.

"To reduce further risk to the public, you need to get to grips with this behaviour - that will not happen in custody.

"There is a chance to change the direction of his life, and to protect the public."

The court also heard Bleasby had been on remand for seven months.

Sentencing Bleasby, Recorder Paul Reid said: "You have an appalling record and you are still only 21 years of age.

"Your behaviour was utterly atrocious - it went on for some considerable time.

"You apologised but blamed the victim. (This is) typical of the pathetic and cowardly nature of someone who uses violence towards women.

"You did not even have the decency to plead guilty at an early stage."

Sentencing Bleasby to a 20-month suspended prison sentence, Rec Reid added: "This might appear lenient, but you have spent seven months in custody."

He also gave Bleasby 100 hours unpaid work, 30 rehabilitation days, 33 sessions of building better relationships course and a restraining order for the victim.