'Nothing like this ever happened in Spain': Man left terrified by group of youths after moving to Harehills

A Spanish man who was chased by youths in Harehills has described living in fear since moving to Leeds.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 17:00 pm

21-year-old Buba Csay Sisay only moved to Harehills seven weeks ago but says he has already fallen victim to an attempted robbery and was recently chased by youths on his way home from work.

Buba said he was walking on Easterdly Road on Monday night, near the junction with Roundhay Road, while wearing headphones when he felt the urge to look behind him.

He turned back and saw three or four teenage boys start to chase him.

A man has described living in fear after moving to Harehills seven weeks ago (Stock image: SWNS)

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-> Armed robbers ram Leeds bank with pick-up truck while staff were stocking cash machineBuba said: "All I did was run...I turned round one corner and then another to lose sight of them and ran until I got home, it was like a nightmare.

"Now if I go down the street and I just see a person who comes near me, whether it's day or night, they give me the hunch.

"It's very scary because nothing like this ever happened in Spain."

Buba, who is from Olot in Catolonia, has to travel home from work between 10pm and 11pm and says on another occasion he was approached by a man who demanded his mobile phone.

While Buba managed to get away unscathed in both incidents, he is worried that next time he will not be as lucky.

-> North Leeds residents warned after spate of thefts targeting Ford and Mercedes vansHe added: "I had already been told that it was dangerous, but I did not know it was this unsafe. It has been affecting me badly."

Buba shared his story on social media asking for advice from local residents on how to stay safe and he received hundreds of responses.

One resident advised: "Does anyone at your work place live near by? Maybe you could set up a buddy system and walk together?

"If you feel this insecure you really need to move this can’t be good for your mental health."

Another resident said: "I've had two friends move from that area in the last year because of all the crime happening right outside their house.

"I won’t drive through there at night anymore."

Buba is searching for another flat but says he hopes to stay in Leeds, as despite his frightening ordeals he 'loves the city'.