'My mum was covered in glass': Shocking photographs show aftermath of Leeds bus attack by youths

This shocking photograph shows an 81-year-old pensioner covered in glass after a Leeds bus was attacked by a group of youths.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 6:00 am

Sarah Hall was travelling on the number 56 service when an object was thrown through the window.

Her mother Mary, who was sitting in a wheelchair in the disabled section of the bus at the time, was covered in glass which had shattered from the window above.

Sarah said: "It was a First bus, number 56 at about 4 o clock.

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The damage shattered glass across the bus.

"My mum, 81 years old, is registered disabled.

"We were travelling down York Road, past the Sutton estate and a large rock came through the window, next to the area where the disabled and young babies in push chairs sit.

"It landed inside the bus, shattering the window.

"The bus had to pull over as more of the glass was falling over myself and my mum.

The glass was smashed in the bus

"Everyone on the bus was shocked and were all asking if we were okay."

Sarah said the driver rushed to help her family.

She said the driver told her this was a common occurrence on the route.

Sarah added: "Mum has a scratch down her right cheek that was next to the window.

"The driver was lovely to her and said he saw them throwing it."

Social media users were outraged by the incident.

One said: "This is happening far too often!"

Another added: "I can't believe this happens in our city."