Man who groomed an underage girl avoids jail after breaching court orders

A man who groomed a girl under the age of 16 has escaped jail despite breaching the terms of a suspended sentence.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 10:15 am
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 10:59 am
Leeds Crown Court.

Haidar Hussein, 26, was given a 12 month prison sentence in January last year for meeting a girl following sexual grooming but, as it was a first offence, the jail term was suspended for two years and he was ordered to take part in the Horizon programme, a government led course that is given to men who have committed sexual offences.

However, as Leeds Crown Court heard at a hearing on Wednesday, Hussein had failed to comply on three occasions without offering an acceptable explanation.

Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting said: "Reports say he is simply not motivated to complete this programme. Not keeping appointments or being late has been the background to the non compliance."

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Lydia Pearce, defending, said the time of the appointments conflicted with his job and he was ill at the time he failed to turn up, however he wasn't working anymore.

She said: "When he was given the order he was enthusiastic. He works a night shift and was originally told the programme could be completed at 6pm. He was unable to get on the evening one and was put on the 11.45am one. He was attending straight from work and was extremely tired."

It was said in court that the Probation Service would work one to one with Hussein, who was told to reside at Edinburgh Grove, Leeds, if the requirement to attend the Horizon course was removed from his punishment.

Judge Mr Recorder Andrew Haslam said: "I don't think you are taking this very seriously. The author of the report thinks they can work with you under a new requirement. I will revoke the Horizon programme and replace it with rehabilitation activity requirement that is going to be for a period of 20 days.

"This is your once chance. You don't get to decide what to do, you do what the court and the probation service tells you."