Leeds woman 'disfigured for life' after boyfriend poured kettle of boiling water over her

Cross Flatts Street, Leeds
Cross Flatts Street, Leeds

A MAN who left his partner scarred for life by pouring a kettle of boiling water over her has been jailed for 12 months.

A court heard the victim suffered serious burns to her shoulder after the attack by Christopher Mozley.

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Leeds Crown Court was told the attack took place in 2011 but was not reported to police until September last year when the victim ended her relationship with Mozley.

Richard Walters, prosecuting, said the woman told officers about abuse she had suffered, including the boiling water attack.

Mr Walters said the incident took place at the couple's then home in Wortley, Leeds, after they had argued during a night out together.

The victim made tea and coffee for them as she tried to calm him down during the row.

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The prosecutor said Mozley threw a cup of coffee at her but it missed and smashed against a wall.

Mozley picked up the kettle and walked over to the victim as she was kneeling down to clear up the mess.

She backed into a corner as Mozley poured the boiling water onto her body and she screamed in pain.

Mr Walters said the victim was wearing a dress which exposed her shoulders and it was immediately clear she had been burnt.

Mozley, 29, then took hold of the victim by her hair, dragged her to the bathroom, removed her clothes and put her under a cold shower.

The victim's mother saw the burn injuries the next day but the incident was not reported to the police.

Mr Walters said: "She said she had tripped over the dog while carrying the kettle.

"She did that because she was embarrassed that she was in a relationship with someone who could do that to her."

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Mozley, now of Cross Flatts, Beeston, Leeds, made references to the incident in texts and Facebook messages after he split up with the woman.

He initially denied the attack but later pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Michael Walsh, mitigating, said Mozley now accepted responsibility for causing the injuries and accepted that the relationship was over.

Jailing Mozley, Recorder Taryn Turner said: "This is a bad case of domestic violence.

"This lady was left with a permanent cosmetic disfigurement to her shoulder.

"This was an incident that took place within the sanctity of her home where she was entitled to feel safe and secure."