Leeds resident describes moment man allegedly evading police in Gipton smashed his car on driveway

A Leeds resident has spoken of the moment a man allegedly evaded police in a dramatic pursuit smashed into his car on his driveway.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 1:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 1:32 pm

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, lives on Easterly Square in Gipton - the scene of a large police presence throughout Tuesday (Nov 12).

He said at around 1.30am this morning, a man jumped into a white vehicle parked suspiciously just yards from his doorstep.

Having entered the vehicle, the man reversed at speed in a three-point turn manoeuvre - careering into the rear of the vehicle and scraping paintwork.

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The scene at Easterly Square, Gipton

The chase is believed to be related to the arrest of men aged 22-year-old and 20-year-old for burglary and firearm offences.

The resident said: "I witnessed the whole incident.

"He parked up on the corner in a white car diagonally.

"He rushed to get back into it and once he was in the driver seat, he reversed and went straight into the back of my car.

The car scraped the paintwork from the resident's car during the alleged chase

"I thought he was going to strike the side of it but thankfully he only scraped the back bumper.

"I have tried to wipe away the damage this morning.

"He seemed to be in such a rush, I couldn't believe how many police there were."

Many residents on the estate told the Yorkshire Evening Post how the street was 'full of police' in the early hours.

A police cordon remains on the site, with at least six officers guarding property and the road within the scene.

One resident said: "It woke me up at about 1am.

"I have never seen so many police.

"Helicopters, cars, officers, you name it they were here.

"We do have police around here but never at this scale.

"It is really worrying.

"Everyone was really scared, a lot of us have little children who thought the police had turned up because they had been naughty.

"We have been worrying about it ever since."

West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: "A number of scenes are currently in place to undergo specialist searches and forensic examination as enquiries into the incident continue.

"This includes the address in Newton Road and a scene in Easterly Square, Gipton.

"Anyone who witnessed the incident in Newton Road or any suspicious activity in Easterly Square or who has any information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact officers via 101 quoting crime reference 13190580752 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."