Leeds pensioner beaten by burglars

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A PENSIONER has told how after chasing one burglar out of his house he was then beaten to the ground by two of his accomplices.

The 67-year-old retired engineer was left battered and bruised and with a gashed ear after the brutal attack at his Leeds home.

Yesterday the YEP reported how Hugh Pollock, 86, was pinned down and robbed in his house in Holbeck by two men on Sunday afternoon.

In the latest attack the victim, who does not want to be named, and his wife had just gone to bed in their bungalow on the Red Hall estate around 10.30pm on Tuesday.

He is the official carer for his wife who suffers from severe arthritis,

At 1.45am the man was awoken by light coming from their lounge and went into the hall.

He said: “I got up to investigate and was faced with this youth standing near the back door. He did a runner out of the door which he had already opened.

“I was just about to close the door when I was suddenly attacked from behind by two others I did not know were there. If I had known they were there I would not have stood in their way.”

He was knocked against a wall and then felled by punches from the other two burglars.

The OAP said: “They were raining blows on my head with their fists while I was on the floor.

“I was left stunned and shaken, but I managed to get to my feet and call the police. They arrived quickly and I was very impressed how they dealt with the situation.

“I was taken to hospital and they stitched my ear and kept me in 12 hours under observation due to the head injuries.”

“We have lived here 45 years and have always left the window open without any problems.”

Police believe the burglar got in via an open transom window in the lounge. Call Det Con Claire Booker at Stainbeck CID via 0845 6060606.

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