Leeds man found guilty of assaults on women in city

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A Leeds man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting two women during separate attacks carried out on the city’s streets.

Jamie Sharlotte was brought to justice after detectives found a pair of gloves at his home in Stanks which contained incriminating forensic evidence.

The 25-year-old had denied any part in the assaults, but was convicted today following a trial at Leeds Crown court.

Jurors had heard how Sharlotte followed a woman into a quiet street after she got off a bus in Cross Gates on the afternoon of April 25, 2016.

He pulled her to the ground, put his hand to her throat in a bid to silence her and tried to remove her trousers, but fled when she continued to struggle and shout out.

Sharlotte’s partner and a friend both told the court that he had been at home at time of the assault, but the prosecution highlighted inconsistencies in their accounts.

The court also heard that the victim went on to positively identify Sharlotte as her attacker.

Sharlotte struck again in Seacroft during the early hours of October 26 as he walked to work at Leeds Market.

After passing a woman in York Road at around 3am, he turned back to follow her and called out to her as she crossed a grassed area.

When she stopped and asked what he wanted, Sharlotte swiftly approached the woman and pushed the heel of his hand into her chin and lip.

Once she had fallen to the ground, he sexually assaulted her as she tried to punch and kick him.

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Gloves recovered by police from Sharlotte’s home were found to contain large amounts of the second victim’s DNA.

The trial heard the chances of that DNA being matched to anyone else was one billion to one.

CCTV footage also placed him near the scene at the time.

The jury of six men and six women retired to consider their verdict shortly after noon today.

They returned to the court at around 2.15pm when they delivered unanimous guilty verdicts on the two counts of sexual assault.

It prompted scenes of violence in the public gallery, which resulted in a police officer being attacked.

After the gallery had been cleared, Judge Guy Kearl QC resumed proceedings.

He said he was adjourning the sentencing until May 23 so that a report could be prepared into the level of danger Sharlotte posed to others.