Leeds husband denies murdering wife after burned body found in woods

Sinead Wooding
Sinead Wooding

A MOTHER-of-four was murdered by her husband and his friend in a suspected knife and hammer attack at a house in Leeds, a jury was told.

A Leeds Crown Court jury heard 26-year-old Sinead Wooding’s burnt body was discovered in woodland in the Adel area of north Leeds on Sunday May 14.

Prosecutors claim her husband Akshar Ali, 27, and his friend Yasmin Ahmed, 27, murdered her at Ahmed’s home in Reginald Mount Potternewton before the body was stored in the cellar for two days.

The court heard Miss Wooding and Ali, who lived at of Scott Hall Road, Potternewton, had argued after drinking during a party at the house on Thursday May 11.

Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC said Miss Wooding had started to convert to the Islamic faith and changed her name to Zakirah before she met Akshar Ali, who worked on a food stall at Leeds indoor market.

The court heard the couple signed a marriage contract after an Islamic Nikah ceremony in February 2015.

Mr Campbell said it was a “volatile” and sometimes violent relationship and that Miss Wooding had continued to visit a female friend and her family after he had “forbidden her from visiting.

Mr Campbell said Miss Wooding had been stabbed several times and struck repeatedly about the head.

A Home Office pathologist concluded several skull fractures were caused by at least one claw hammer.

Mr Campbell said a blood stain on the cellar floor along with numerous blood spots on walls matched Miss Wooding’s DNA.

Akshar Ali, of Kings Road, Hyde Park, and Yasmin Ahmed both deny murder.

Ali’s 45-year-old mother Aktahr Bi, of Kings Road, Hyde Park, denies assisting an offender by making arrangements to dispose of Sinead Wooding’s corpse.

Ali’s 21-year-old brother Asim Ali, of Kings Road, Hyde Park, denies assisting an offender by procuring a vehicle and assisting in the disposal and burning of her body.

Yasmin Ahmed’s friend Vicky Briggs aged 25, of Throstle Road, Middleton, denies assisting an offender by helping clean up and burn material after the murder.