Leeds horse breeder who caused unnecessary suffering is jailed and banned from keeping animals indefinitely

A HORSE breeder from Leeds flouted a ban and caused  unnecessary suffering to animals including one neglected pony which had to be put to sleep, a court heard.

Sunday, 5th May 2019, 12:57 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th May 2019, 1:01 pm
A neglected pony

A Leeds Crown Court judge jailed 54-year-old Andrew David Hinde, of Becca Farm, Main Street, Aberford, for 11 months and banned him from keeping animals indefinitely after telling Hinde he had showed a "cavalier attitude" to animal welfare.

The court heard heard Hinde kept 20 horses at his own farm and also kept more than 50 ponies in fields he rented at Westfield Farm at Kirk Smeaton near Pontefract.

One of the neglected ponies

Prosecutor, Andrew Petterson said that in September 2016 the owner of Westfield Farm told Hinde she was concerned that some of the ponies were thin and she was particularly concerned about one black mare.

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Mr Petterson said in December 2016 the farm owner saw the knackerman at the farm and spotted Hinde putting shackles for a winch on the mare she had raised concerns about and which had later died.

The court heard in February 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Westfield Farm and found some of the ponies were in poor condition with their her ribs, hips and spines. showing.

Mr Petterson said one of the ponies was emaciated and was suffering from hunger, was infected with lice and had overgrown feet.

One of the ponies and foal

Another pony, which was exhausted and suffering from hypothermia, was put to sleep.

The court heard that pony was infested with worms and was infected with salmonella.

In July 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Becca Farm at Aberford and seized 20 horses after finding that some were being kept in conditions that didn't meet their needs.

In 2011 Hinde admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a a horse and was banned from keeping horses for three years.

Another Pony seized by the RSPCA

Hinde was handed a 20-week jail sentence suspended for two years in 2016 after he was convicted of two offences of breaching the 2011 banning order and four offences related to the care of animals.

A horse in his care had to be put to sleep after it collapsed and two of 52 cats kept at Becca Farm were suffering from gingivitis.

Hinde was convicted nine offences in connection with the 2016 and 2017 offences including breaching the banning order, causing unnecessary suffering to animals and failing to ensure the needs of an animal were met.

Mitigating, Shila Whitehead said: "He accepts he has done wrong."

Recorder Gavin Doig handed Hinde an eleven-month jail sentence and banned him from keeping animal indefinitely.

Recorder Doig told him: "You have shown a cavalier attitude to the welfare of animals unfortunate enough to come into contact with you and you have shown a cavalier attitude to the order if the court. You treated that disqualification with complete disrespect "