Leeds fish shop owner threatened customer with knife during fight over colour of vinegar on chip butty

Kalvinder Mander threatened customer with knife at York Road Fisheries during row over vinegar
Kalvinder Mander threatened customer with knife at York Road Fisheries during row over vinegar
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A Leeds fish shop owner threatened a customer with a knife during a fight over the quality of vinegar on his fish butty.

Grandmother Kalvinder Mander picked up the weapon and hit the man as he scuffled with her husband during the incident at York Road Fisheries.

Leeds Crown Court was shown footage of the disturbance which happened during a dispute over the colour of the vinegar served at the premises.

Mander, 52, pleaded guilty to threatening a person with a blade in a public place in relation to the incident on December 19 last year.

Andrew Horton, prosecuting, described how trouble flared when a customer was "unhappy about the vinegar" and did not want to pay for his chip butty.

The customer was handed his money back but then tried to leave with the chip butty still in his hand.

Mander's husband went from behind the counter and tried to stop him leaving with the food.

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The prosecutor said Mander picked up a knife but did not threaten him with the blade of weapon.

Mr Horton said Mander hit him with her fist while holding the knife.

All three then calmed down and the customer could be seen on camera handing Mander her white chef's hat back.

The customer was scratched during the struggle and his necklace was broken.

In a statement made after the incident, the customer said: "I have been treated like this because of a bit of vinegar."

Police were called and Mander was arrested after officers viewed the shop's CCTV footage of the incident.

Mander told police: "It was silly. I did wrong."

Judge Christopher Batty was handed references written on Mander's behalf describing her as a "pillar of the community."

The court heard Mander helped local charities by providing them with meals and her business was the "hub" of the community.

Shufquat Khan, mitigating, said Mander and her husband had owned the business for 18 years.

They have a son who is a junior doctor and a daughter who works for a bank.

Mr Khan said Mander was ashamed of her actions and sorry for what happened.

He said: "It created a very dangerous situation. But it was short-lived and thankfully he was not hurt.

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"The incident escalated over the colour of the vinegar.

"It is the same vinegar that has been served in the shop for the last 17 years without complaint."

Mr Khan said Mander had acted in the heat of the moment to protect her husband from a younger, fitter man.

Mander was ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £300 court costs.

Judge Christopher Batty said: "People are often described as a pillar of the community - but you are.

"You are certainly not someone who I, or indeed anyone, would ever think would be standing where you are today.

"I am obliged to send you to custody unless I consider that it would be unjust to do so."

The judge continued: "You did not point the blade of the knife at him.

"It was a wholly unusual set of circumstances where you acted very inappropriately but in the heat of the moment.

"In all of those circumstances it would be very unjust to send you to custody."