Leeds domestic abuse victim climbed out of window to escape 'savage' boyfriend who bit her face in drug-fuelled rage

A domestic abuse victim was imprisoned in her home, kicked and bitten to her face by her violent partner during frenzied drug fuelled attacks.

The woman had to climb out of a window and run to a Morrisons supermarket in Leeds where staff and shoppers found her covered in blood.

Gaetano Diclemente was jailed for four-and-a-half years after a judge described him as a "bully" and a "coward" over his campaign of violence towards his girlfriend.

Leeds Crown Court heard the 51-year-old subjected the woman to horrific beatings at their home in Leeds after he smoked cannabis.

Gaetano Diclemente was jailed for four-and-a-half year for biting his partner and kicking her during violence after he smoked cannabis.

During one attack he held her to the ground and punched her in the head up to 50 times.

He also kicked the woman and bit her on the face and arms.

Ashleigh Metcalfe, prosecuting, said the couple had been in a relationship for six months when Diclemente carried out the first offence against her on April 24 last year.

The couple returned from shopping when a man called 'Gaz' visited their home to supply Diclemente with cannabis.

Miss Metcalfe said the defendant was "buzzing and agitated" after smoking the drug and became violent.

He slapped his partner across the face and punched her to the head ten times.

Diclemente grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the ground.

He struck her between 30 and 50 times as he held her to the floor.

The prosecutor said Diclemente then released the woman and went to the bathroom but returned and kicked her to the legs for two to three minutes.

He sat on the sofa and apologised to his partner after the attack before leaving the property to buy more cannabis.

The woman reported the incident to the police while Diclemente was out.

She suffered multiple bruises and scratches to her head and body.

The defendant was arrested by police but attacked the woman again when he was released on bail.

Miss Metcalfe said the couple continued to live at his home on Foundry Avenue, Harehills.

Diclemente attacked her again on May 31 after he had been drinking and returned to the property with cannabis after visiting 'Gaz'.

The victim described to police how her partner went into the bathroom with the class B drug, cigarette papers and tobacco.

He was grinding his teeth when he came out of the bathroom and jumped on top of the woman as she was on the sofa.

Diclemente bit her twice on the arm.

He bit the woman on the ear and it started to bleed.

The victim tried to leave the flat but the doors were locked and her keys were missing.

She went to the bathroom to try to stop her wounds bleeding but was attacked again.

Miss Metcalfe said: "He was standing above her and hit her again and bit her again to the index finger.

"He then bit her for a fifth time to the left eyebrow."

Diclemente stopped the attack when he saw that she was bleeding.

The prosecutor continued: "He told the complainant he was going out to see Gaz again and that she should tidy up."

She remained locked inside the property but managed to climb out of a bedroom window and went to a nearby Morrisons supermarket for help.

The woman had to spend three days in hospital after the incident to have her wounds treated.

She has been left with a permanent scar above her eye as result of the attack.

Miss Metcalfe said the woman had suffered nightmares and anxiety as a result of the ordeal.

The prosecutor added: "She said she thought the defendant loved her but treated her badly and harmed her."

Diclemente pleaded guilty on the day of his trial to causing grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and false imprisonment.

He has previous convictions for domestic violence.

Andrew Pettison, mitigating, said Diclemente accepted he would be facing a lengthy prison sentence.

He said: "The best piece of mitigation I can offer on his behalf is his guilty plea on the day of his trial."

Recorder Ian Harris said: "The attacks on your partner were savage and sustained.

"Put simply, you are a bully and a violent man."

"The offences were committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs which is an aggravating feature.

"You used your teeth and feet as weapons.

"Your violence has caused her physical pain and mental anxiety.

"These attacks on her were cowardly."