Leeds Crown Court round-up: Violent partner, teen with zombie knife and drug dealers sentenced

A violent partner, a teenager with a zombie knife and thugs who burgled Chinese restaurant owners were among the criminals sentenced at Leeds Crown Court in the past week.

Judges at the court also heard the cases of a Leeds dealer caught with £145,000 worth of drugs and a man who drunkenly held a machete at police officers.

Those sentenced at Leeds Crown Court this week included:

Denilson Tavares-Manuel

We round-up some of the criminals sentenced at Leeds Crown Court this week

A teenage drug dealer was caught with a zombie knife and cocaine in Little London after his mum called the police, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Denilson Tavares-Manuel, 18, was being chased by a gang carrying machetes on April 7, 2022 on Carlton Grove, Woodhouse.

When officers arrived, Tavares-Manuel, of Servia Drive, Woodhouse, and his brother were stopped by an officer.

Tavares-Manuel was arrested for possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply after the officer discovered more than £2,400 of wraps of drugs including cocaine and heroin.

A further search revealed Tavares-Manuel was also in possession of a "large black and blue zombie knife".

Andrew Lister, Kameron Akram and Nathan Stapleton

Three men involved in a year long spree of burglaries of Chinese restaurant owners have been jailed.

Andrew Lister, 26, of Churchfields, Bradford; Kameron Akram, 22, of Pelham Court; and Nathan Stapleton, 27, of Howarth Avenue, located the homes of the businesspeople by placing tracking devices on their cars.

Seven burglaries resulted, with one botched job resulting in three children being threatened with a knife.

Glen Wilson

A 'desperate man' has been handed a prison sentence after breaching a court order 15 times in just three years.

Glen Wilson, 53, of no fixed abode, was given a restraining order not to contact his mother in May 2019.

But this week's hearing heard how this was breached on multiple occasions when he was released from prison earlier this year.

Paul Lang

Paul Lang, 37, of used the home he shared with his girlfriend Jamie Staten, 32, to sell drugs, despite three children living at the address at the time.

A police search of the house on August 11, 2021 found drugs, including crack and heroin, to the value of £1,360, as well as mobile phones, and various amounts of cash totalling £3,176.10.

Jamie Shaw

A man who violently assaulted his girlfriend before demanding she stop bleeding onto his carpet has avoided jail this week.

A sentencing hearing at Leeds Crown Court heard how Jamie Shaw, 35, of Claremont Terrace, Armley, was jealous of the victim's former partner, and would fly into violent rages, punching and cutting the victim when he lost his temper.

On one occasion, the terrified victim called a friend asking to pick her up. Upon arriving, the friend saw the victim hiding by a bush outside her house because she was "so scared".

Luke Hargreaves

A Leeds man who led police on a five mile high-speed chase has been jailed, after claiming "Jesus" was driving and that "Jeremy Clarkson would have been proud".

Luke Hargreaves, 32, of Bradford Road, Pudsey, led police on a chase around west Leeds despite having no licence, often speeding on the wrong side of the road and putting other motorists in danger.

Police had to travel at speeds of 85mph to keep up with him during the chase.

Michael Snowden

A "lonely" and "troubled" man who became involved in dealing class A and B drugs has been jailed this week.

Michael Snowden, 37, of Roundhay Road, Leeds, had pleaded guilty to supplying class A and B drugs following two raids from police, who found £145,000 worth of drugs including cocaine, MDMA and ketamine.

A younger defendant, who cannot be named, was also sentenced to 30 months in a young offender's institute.

Jamie Chadwick

A man who drunkenly held a machete at police officers after damaging his parents' house has avoided a prison sentence this week.

Jamie Chadwick, 29, of Grovehall Drive, Beeston, threw a coffee table across the room before being restrained by his dad

After his mum called the police, officers arrived to find Chadwick hiding behind his front door holding a machete, shouting "you are not coming in here".

Jakub Glowacz

Jakub Glowacz, 31, of Linton Road, Wakefield, was arrested when officers used a search warrant to enter the terraced property on Warwick Street in the Agbrigg area of the city in March.

The officers found a cannabis farm, along with 4kg of amphetamine and 4kg of cutting agents.