Leeds attack victim saved by mystery pair

Gordon Buist, who had his arm, nose and cheekbone broken in an attack in Holbeck
Gordon Buist, who had his arm, nose and cheekbone broken in an attack in Holbeck
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The victim of a savage unprovoked attack by a group of young thugs in Leeds says he was only saved from devastating injuries by a pair of mystery passers-by.

Gordon Buist was returning to his car after finishing work in the city centre when he was set upon by teenagers in a ginnel in Holbeck.

His arm was broken in two places and he also suffered a broken nose and cheekbone as he was beaten with a metal or wooden pole in the daylight attack.

But police say he could have been killed if two men hadn’t scared the group off.

Mr Buist, 53, said: “I’m just grateful they arrived. These lads weren’t showing any inclination to stop hitting me.

“They were intent on causing me serious injury. That’s the scary part.”

Mr Buist was walking through a ginnel connecting Marshall Street and Bath Road at about 4.30pm on March 10 when he was confronted by three boys and a girl.

There was a brief exchange of words after one of the teenagers made a sexual comment to him but as Mr Buist walked away two of the group approached him from behind.

He said: “I heard them laughing and shouting back at me then all of a sudden two of them ran back towards me.

“As I looked around, I was punched in the side of the head.

“My glasses came off and I was on the ground and they just started to pound me.

“They were raining blows down on me.

“It went on for about 20 to 30 seconds.

“They weren’t stopping but then these two guys came along and scared them off.”

Mr Buist, from the Fenay Bridge area of Huddersfield, was helped to a nearby office for first aid before being taken to hospital, but still does not know the identity of the good Samaritans.

Det Con Rachael Gilsenan, from Leeds district CID, said: “Had it not been for the involvement of the good Samaritans this incident could have had fatal consequences.”

The men, or anyone else with information should call CID on 101.