Kind-hearted Leeds residents restored my faith in humanity after sheds arson

Picture shows the damage done to Sally Brown's sheds in Chapel Allerton.
Picture shows the damage done to Sally Brown's sheds in Chapel Allerton.
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A woman whose sheds were burned down in an arson attack at a north Leeds allotment site says her faith in humanity has been restored by the reaction of the local community.

Sally Brown paid tribute to the “kind-hearted, generous people” who offered new tools and money when she posted a picture of the aftermath of the attack.

Sally Brown

Sally Brown

Ms Brown and her father have had two sheds at the allotments in Chapel Allerton for “three or four years”, and together grow fruit and vegetables including plums, raspberries, courgettes, artichokes and cucumbers at the site.

The fire, which is believed to have been started deliberately, destroyed both sheds, containing items such as hand tools, clothes, a petrol-driven lawnmower and camping equipment, which would cost thousands to replace.

Ms Brown, a mother-of-one, said: “Me and my dad have almost finished clearing it and were looking forward to concentrating on growing veg this year. It’s soul-destroying to now have to spend ages clearing all the fire debris and lugging it up to the tip by hand.

“My dad’s in his 70s and it’s a lovely to have something to do together. Gardening runs in my family and my allotment really is my sanctuary and has got me through some tough times recently.”

Since making an appeal on Facebook for help replacing the lost items, Ms Brown has received a number of donations, including hand tools, pots, a wheel barrow and a financial contribution. She said: “It restored my faith because I’ve had quite a rough ride one way and another. And it just seems sometimes, especially at the moment, that people are really selfish and just looking out for themselves in life. So it’s nice to find that there are some kind-hearted, generous people out there.

“And I do genuinely believe that what goes around comes around and that we should all hand on what we don’t need to people who do.”