'Just tell us something': Leeds family's desperate search for mum after Manchester attack

Missing Leeds mum Wendy Fawell
Missing Leeds mum Wendy Fawell
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The family of missing Leeds mum Wendy Fawell have pleaded for someone to "just tell us something" following last night's terror attack at Manchester arena.

She was ready to leave the Ariana Grande show with teenage daughter, Charlotte, friend Caroline Osborne and her two sons when the blast happened.

The youngsters were located safe. Caroline, of Otley, was injured in the attack and is recovering in the Royal Oldham Hospital but there has been no trace of Wendy, of Leeds Road, Otley since that moment.

Her son Adam Fawell, 29, rushed to Manchester to be with his sister and has been waiting for news of his mother all day with the rest of the group at the hospital.

Speaking exclusively to the Yorkshire Evening Post he said: "I feared the worst until I spoke to my sister and she just said to me 'I can't find my mum'. At least I had found one and you think you will find the other.

"We are just hoping for anything and something but there is just nothing, nothing, nothing. I appreciate there is not just my mum missing, there are other families just as upset and distressed as I am but I just need to hear something. I have spent most of the day with a phone at the side of my head and I am exhausted and just need something."

The self-employed labourer said he was alerted to what had happened at around 11.30pm last night when his dad rang him and is trying to contain his own emotions while taking care of sister Charlotte, who is just 15.

He said: "I am trying to keep it together and we are trying to keep Charlotte busy all the time but she is definitely not with it. It is a lot to take in, it is like a whirlwind."

Mr Fawell, of Guiseley, said the staff at the hospital had been "phenomenal" and thanked the people of Leeds for all of their thoughts and well wishes.

He added: "There are no words to describe how helpful and considerate they have been with everybody, not just us. They have been bringing food, tea and coffee, given us parking tickets so we don't have to pay, put a curtain up at the end of the corridor and some mattresses down so the young ones can have a sleep. I can't sing their praises enough.

"The support we are getting from friends and family is unbelievable and the stuff that is going around generally, it incredible and a little bit overwhelming."