Jealous Leeds dad jailed for attacking former partner and making knife threats to her new boyfriend

A jealous dad who how assaulted his ex-partner and made knife threats after seeing her with a new boyfriend has been jailed.

Tuesday, 11th August 2020, 2:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th August 2020, 3:32 pm

Luke Dickinson was locked up for 13 months over the incident which happened at his mother's home in Leeds.

Leeds Crown Court heard Dickinson had been in a four-year relation with the victim until it ended in April last year and they have a daughter together.

Dickinson turned violent on October 28 last year when his former partner went to the defendant's mother's home to drop off their daughter.

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Leeds Crown Court

The victim's new partner was with her in her car at the time and Dickinson was at the property when they arrived.

Syam Soni, prosecuting, said Dickinson "took umbrage" at the woman being with another man and pushed her in the kitchen.

She stumbled and fell to the ground and her new partner got out of the car to take issue with Dickinson.

Mr Soni said Dickinson picked up a knife and ran towards the other man who then retreated to the car.

The prosecutor said Dickinson was holding the blade above his head and making threats.

The incident was reported to the police and Dickinson handed himself in before being released on bail.

While on bail he committed an offence of making off without payment when he drove off from a garage without paying for petrol.

Dickinson also continued to harass his former partner and her new boyfriend.

One one occasion he followed them and threw things at them.

He also blocked their car using his own vehicle.

The 21-year-old defendant also made threats to stab the couple and blow up the car.

Dickinson, of Lawns Lane, Farnley, pleaded guilty to common assault, having a bladed article, harassment, driving while disqualified and making off without payment.

Charles Blatchford, mitigating, said the offending took place out of frustration at a time when he was struggling to cope with the breakdown of the relationship.

Mr Blatchford said Dickinson had been in custody for six months since being arrested.

The barrister said his client would be able to return to his job upon being released from custody and had the support of his family.

Judge Neil Clark also ordered that Dickinson be made the subject of a restraining order for five years banning him from contacting his former partner.