Increased stop and search powers in Beeston linked to feud between rival gangs of young men

Increased stop and search powers have been put in place in Beeston after recent incidents which police believe are linked to two rival gangs.

It follows several recent incidents of fights with weapons, threats and assaults.

This includes an incident in Back Stratford Street on Saturday, August 14, where a blank firing gun was fired during a disturbance in the street.

Police believe these incidents to be linked to an ongoing conflict between two groups of young men.

Additional stop and search powers have been put in place in Beeston following recent fights in the area. Stock photo of Beeston.

The increased stop and search powers have been authorised under the Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

It gives police officers the power to search people or vehicles for offensive weapons or dangerous instruments without them having to have their usual grounds to suspect each person searched.

The order covers an area either side of Dewsbury Road encompassing the Garnetts, Trenthams and Stratfords.

The authorisation came into effect at 4pm today (Thursday) for an initial 24 hours and its continuation will be subject to regular reviews.

Superintendent Russ Hughes, of Leeds District, said: “We have become increasingly concerned about a series of incidents linked to what appears to be a feud between two rival groups of young males in the area.

“We are taking robust action to deter any further incidents and to keep the community safe. This temporary increase in stop and search powers will provide vital support to that work.

“Violence such as this cannot and will not be tolerated and we will continue to do everything we can to take positive action against those involved.

“Officers are increasing their patrols and presence in the area to deter any further incidents and to reassure the community, and I hope people will be supportive of the approach we are taking.

“Maintaining the trust and confidence of the community is vital and we are continuing to liaise with key community representatives, including the district’s Independent Advisory Group, to ensure appropriate scrutiny and accountability around the use of this additional power.”