'I'm the Professor of self confinement': Britain's most dangerous prisoner Charles Bronson gives tips to a nation in isolation

He's the self-proclaimed 'Professor of solitary confinement'.

Tuesday, 14th April 2020, 6:00 am

For decades Charles Bronson has been widely regarded as Britain's most dangerous prisoner.

The 67-year-old former armed robber has spent 45 years of his life in isolation in the country's most notorious prisons and asylums.

Around two decades of his life have been in Wakefield Prison's notorious 'glass cage'.Now a pensioner, Bronson wants to share his tips on how to cope with a solitary existence as the nation struggles through the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

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Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson has spent 45 years of his life in isolation

In an exclusive interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, Bronson spoke about the need to maintain a daily fitness regime, a good diet and the importance of taking up hobbies to keep mind and body active.

The category A prisoner has also penned a morale-boosting poem called 'Coronavirus' from his cell at his current residence at HMP Woodhill.

Bronson said: "You could say I'm the professor of solitary confinement.

"Right, this is what you've gotta do. All you lovely people out there who are isolated away.

Bronson wrote Solitary Fitness book in 2002.

"This will help you survive. That's all it is.

"It's about surviving.

"Get a good book - loads of reading.

"It helps pass time. Do a bit of writing. A poem, a short story. Your life story.

"Do a bit of studying. Something you enjoy. Learn something. Educate yourself.

"But most of all - work out."

Bronson authored the 2002 book Solitary Fitness, a guide to keeping fit in confined space.

He still manages to do around 3,000 press-ups a day.

He said: "You can work out in the garden, or spare room, in your bedroom, the front room.

"And my way you don't need gyms or weights.

"Get the book. Learn. Get fit and healthy because health is priceless.

"You've got to search yourself. Find your inner self, your true being.

"And now you've got plenty of time to do that.

"After 45 years of prisons and asylums I have worked out my own regime.

"I don't need gyms, I don't need weights, I don't need steroids..

"I don't need anything. Only myself. Press ups, sit ups, squats.

"Pull ups, dips, and most of all, lots and lots of stretching.

"Enjoy what you do. Keep fit and healthy.

"My way, you are never gonna be like Arnie or Rambo.

"But you are gonna be fit and healthy.

"Active, fast, plenty of stamina.

"Good solid muscle. Not too much but good solid muscle.

"You are going to have agility.

"My way works.

Bronson is also a prolific artist and produces a piece of artwork every day in his cell.

He urged others to keep their minds active to fight off the boredom of isolation.

The inmate said: "Listen to good intelligent radio stations. Documentaries, talk shows.

"Watch good TV documentaries. Learn. Because the world is beautiful, there is so much to learn.

"Relax a bit more. Sleep in. Just chill out. Don't panic. Don't stress out. And keep updated with all the news.

"You must keep up with the news. Keep in touch with the family and friends by phone.

"Don't let go because you are all in the same boat. Help each other along.

"Try and cut down on crap food. Start eating lots of fruit and veg.

"Drink lots of water. Squirt a little bit of lemon in it.

"Put honey in your tea. Get healthy.

"Get a jigsaw puzzle. When's the last time you done a jigsaw puzzle?

"It's enjoyable.

"And remember, the most important thing, you maybe alone, but there's no need to be lonely.

"Isolation is actually good for you. It gives you a chance to catch up on things.

"I've had 45 years of it - you will probably have 40 days of it. So enjoy it. Be safe. Your old China, Charlie"