Illegal e-scooter seized in Leeds after it sped through red lights on The Headrow - right next to police

An e-scooter has been seized in Leeds city centre after it sped through red lights - right next to police.

Officers from the Leeds District Off-Road Bike Team were called in to help after the scooter "blazed" past officers on The Headrow on Sunday evening.

The driver was found to have no insurance or L plates. Further checks found he was a disqualified driver.

The e-scooter was seized and the rider reported to the courts.

The scooter was seized by police on The Headrow (Photo: WYP)

In a statement released on social media, the Leeds City Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) reminded residents that e-scooters are subject to road traffic legislation.

The NPT said: "This evening officers from the Leeds District Off-Road Bike Team were assisting City staff on Headrow when this electric scooter blazed passed them going through red traffic lights.

"He was stopped and spoken to. The rider didn't have any insurance or L plates. Further checks revealed that the rider was in fact a disqualified driver.

"The e-scooter was seized and the rider will be reported to the courts.

"E-scooters are subject to road traffic legislation despite what people think."

Why is riding electric scooters on public roads and pavement illegal?

According to the law, motor vehicles cannot be used on the road unless they are taxed registered, have an MOT, are insured and the driver has a valid driving licence for the category of vehicle.

It is illegal to drive or ride a motor vehicle which fails to meet any of these requirements.

According to West Yorkshire Police, some types of vehicles would never be legal to be on the public road because of their design.

E-scooters do not have numberplates, signaling ability, or visible rear lights.

Therefore, they fail to meet the legal requirements for 'on road' motor vehicles.

Where can I ride e-scooters?

People above the age of 13 can ride e-scooters on private land or properties with the permission of the owner of the land and property.

It is illegal to ride e-scooters on council land unless they are commercial parks or specifically designed area for e-scooters.

People can legally ride electric scooters in some parts of the country as part of a government trial - this is not currently taking place in Leeds.

This is under the condition that the e-scooters are covered by motor vehicle insurance policy and riders should have a valid driving licence.

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