'He has never said sorry' - Daughter of murdered Wendy Speakes opens up as killer set to be released

The daughter of Wendy Speakes says her mother's killer has shown no remorse for the brutal sex killing.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 30th December 2018, 7:43 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:30 am
Wendy Speakes (left) and her granddaughter Emmeline and daughter Tracey (right)
Wendy Speakes (left) and her granddaughter Emmeline and daughter Tracey (right)

Tracey Millington-Jones remains convinced Christopher Farrow will strike again if he is granted his freedom.

She also fears he will use a pair of shoes stolen from her mother’s home in Wakefield as a “trophy” to use on his next victim.

Tracey, now 54, said the decision to move Farrow to an open prison in preparation for release has brought back the nightmare memories of the years when he was still at large during a major West Yorkshire Police manhunt.

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Christopher Farrow

She said: "Back when mum died there were six years between him being found and convicted.

"I would walk down the street looking at people wondering if they had killed mum.

"It affects you all the time.

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"It was a relief when he was finally convicted because I thought 'well that's it now, he's going to prison for a very long time.’

"But life does not mean life for him.

Tracey, who now lives in Essex, said: "We are in a situation where he could abscond.

“He will start being allowed to go out in public to get him ready for release.

"When he is allowed out on his own I will feel like I'm back where I was in 1994.

“I will be constantly wondering where he is and if he is going to do it again.

"This is a man who murdered a stranger.”

Tracey said she was also angered by the Parole Board hearing process and the lack of compassion shown to her.

"It was one of the most traumatic things I have ever been through.

"I had to go through the grounds of the prison and literally walk within touching distance of those prisoners.

"I was absolutely petrified. I didn't know if he (Farrow) was going to there.

"It felt like the longest walk of my life. And this was before the parole hearing even began

"Farrow has all these people looking after him. All the prison staff, a solicitor. I felt like I had no one.”

Farrow refused to be in the room as Tracey read out her victim impact statement to the Parole Board panel.

She said: “I wanted him to be there to listen to the devastation he caused but he refused.

"I doubt if he even read my statement because I still believe to this day that he doesn't care.

"In my opinion he should have been grabbed by the scruff of the neck and made to sit down and listen to the impact he has had on my family.

"Is that someone who is showing remorse?

"I think the fact that he refused to be there should be taken as a red light warning.”

"I was so traumatised by the time I got in there.

“I would say this to the justice system - you need to sort it out!

"It was just awful and I will never, ever forget that day that until the day I die.

"Despite all that trauma I went through to read it out, I feel they have not taken any of it in to consideration.

"That is our justice system. You could not make it up."

"The whole thing is a shambles. It is all geared towards the offender.”

Tracey said she had written to her MP and the Justice Secretary in a bid to prevent Farrow from being released.

"Right from committing this offence in 1994 up until the day he is going to be released he has not said sorry.

"That is the coward that he is.

"He has never said sorry. He has never shown any remorse."

"He took a pair of my mum's black shoes.

"He has never said anything about where they were.

"I want him to tell me why he did it and what he has done with my mum's shoes. Has he hid them somewhere to use on his next victim?

"He is still a big risk factor.

"I want to know if he stalked my mum.

"He is just saying what he needs to say to get released but I know he is the same person.

"I think it's just a case of the parole board allowing him to be released because he has done his time and their hands are tied.

"Can they really be certain he is a man who is not going to murder again?"

"This man is still only 58 years old - just four years older than me.

"He is probably going to meet someone else and form a relationship and they should know what he has done."

"I have got to live with this for the rest of my life. I am having to re-live the trauma.

"Victims are not being listen to by these jobsworths.”

Tracey daughter's Emmeline, 23, said : "I never got to meet my grandmother because of what he did and that will always make me sad. I just don't get this decision. It is just a joke.

"He is a murderer. It is not as if he has stolen a packet of chewing gum from a shop.

"He still doesn't admit it fully and he has never asked for forgiveness.

"It is always going to be in the back of my mind.