Exclusive: Leeds couple in armed raid ordeal

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A young Leeds couple were subjected to a terrifying ordeal by four masked burglars armed with a gun, a crowbar and stun gun.

The gang traumatised the couple, aged in their 20s, after smashing into their recently built house in Oakland Drive, Gipton, Leeds, late on Wednesday. (March 14)

Police are seeking the couple’s black VW Golf car, registration ND 6ZVO, in which three of the raiders escaped when the gang fled after they had been spotted by a neighbour.

The couple were asleep in bed at 11.30pm when they were woken by dog barking.

Still sleepy, they got up and the woman wrapping a towel around herself, went downstairs with her partner to investigate the noises.

Descending, they heard glass breaking. As they reaching the living area they were confronted by four masked men climbing in through the shattered patio doors and they fled upstairs, pursued by the intruders.

One of the gang appeared armed with a handgun wrapped in a plastic bag, another wielded a crowbar and the third a stun gun.

The couple attempted to barricade themselves in their bedroom, but were unable to close the door against the gang who forced their way in demanding, “Where’s the money.”

During the struggle the stun gun was fired, discharging electrical sparks.

A struggle ensued during which the man suffered minor injuries from the crowbar and the woman was thrown about.

Luckily the struggle brought curtaining down and a woman neighbour looking out her window spotted the raiders.

Realising they had been seen, the masked intruders fled in the Golf. One raider may have driven away in an unknown vehicle which the gang may have used to reach the address earlier.

Three raiders are believed to be African Caribbean or black, but a fourth may be Asian. They were all about 6ft 2in and of medium build.

The man with the gun wore a dark tracksuit and full balaclava with eye holes.

The stun gun holder wore dark clothing and the man with the crowbar a grey balaclava.

Detectives appealed for information and witnesses who saw the men or the dumping of the Golf to ring CID on 101.

Police seizing a car in West Yorkshire. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

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