Everything we know about the Harehills stabbing

This is everything we know about a stabbing in Harehills which left a man in a critical condition.

A man was stabbed during a fight on Harehills Road.
A man was stabbed during a fight on Harehills Road.

What happened?

A fight involving a number of people broke out on Harehills Avenue.

The view from Bayswater Mount of a police scene on Harehills Road.

A 38-year-old man was found with serious stab wounds to his stomach.

He was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The man remains in a critical condition.

Where did it happen?

Police were investigating the scene on Harehills Road.

It happened on Harehills Road at the junction of Bayswater Mount.

When did it happen?

Police attended the scene at about 2.40am on Friday, April 3.

What did the police say?

Forensics at the scene of a stabbing in Harehills.

Inspector Mick Preston, who heads neighbourhood policing in east Leeds, said: “A serious assault such as this will cause understandable concern in the local community and we are doing everything we can to reassure people and keep them informed about the progress of the investigation and about our ongoing work to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

“We appreciate that an incident of this nature will heighten people’s focus on crime in the area and have an impact on their general feelings of safety.

“I am very keen to reassure people about the range of proactive work we have been doing and will continue to do to address the issues that can affect people’s lives in Harehills.

“My team regularly responds to reports of people selling drugs and has executed numerous drugs warrants in the area that have resulted in the seizure of drugs and cash and the arrest of the suspects involved.

“We have also worked closely with our partners in the local authority making full use of anti-social behaviour legislation to shut down properties that have been linked to drug dealing.

“We continue to support the work of the district and the force’s specialist teams who target individuals involved in organised crime and the associated criminal use of firearms, which is still thankfully rare. Their work has recently seen a number of key individuals sentenced to significant prison terms and firearms taken off the streets.

“We are also working with the council and other key partner organisations to provide diversionary activities and engage with young people to deter them from getting involved in negative lifestyles that lead to crime and anti-social behaviour.

“We remain absolutely determined not to let a small number of people who involve themselves in crime spoil all the positive work that is going on in Harehills and we are sure the majority of the community will support us in that aim.”

What did the councillors say?

Gipton councillor, Salma Arif, said: "Of course residents are concerned when something like this happens. It's not good and very disappointing.

"I want to assure residents that although unfortunately incidents like this happen, in Gipton and Harehills we have a really active police presence and we are one of the wards with the most PCSOs.

"We will keep an eye out but the investigation is in its early stages. However, it does appear to be an isolated incident."

Coun Arif added: "Harehills sometimes gets a bad rep. I was born and raised here and yes it is a deprived area and has its challenges but we have a good team on the ground.

"There are plenty of families and young people that pride themselves on living in Harehills.

"Despite all its challenges, Harehills is a resilient community with people from all walks of life "

What did residents say?

One resident who did not want to be named said: "This is the second time that I know of this happening.

"I am not surprised that it's happened here again to be honest. These days the area is crowded and noisy and big groups of teenage boys sit outside of the shops in the area drinking."

The father-of-one also added that he was scared and reluctant to raise a family in the area.

He added: "I have a three-year-old daughter and once she's old enough to go out and walk around alone then we will move away from here.

"It wasn't like this a few years ago when I moved here. the trouble used to be over Chapeltown way but it has now spread here."

Rhsorav Rasouli, who owns Phone For All on Harehills Road, said he is "scared" because of the violence in the area.

Mr Rasouli said: "It is not good for business, I have to pay rent still every day.

"I am not surprised, this area every single day there's a problem - fighting, robbery, drug dealing. Every single day this road has a problem.

"Every single day there is a problem in this area, it's easy for them to rob, fight, even killings.

"Yes it does scare me, but this is where my business is, what can I do, where can I go. I have been here for five years and the problem has increased over the last five years. I see drug dealers selling on the road."

"We need action, people need to banned and stopped from coming back to this area."

What is happening now?

Police were still at the scene in Harehills Road at 2pm this afternoon (Friday).

The scene was cordoned off for forensic examination and searches.

Enquires into the incident are ongoing.

Police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident to contact Leeds District CID quoting log 109 of May 3.