Drunk shoplifter hurled racial abuse at Leeds Heron Foods store security guard and made hammer attack threat

A drunk shoplifter hurled vile racist abuse at a security guard and threatened to hit him in the head with a hammer after he was stopped from going into a Heron Foods store.

Peter Bleasby was locked up for four months over the frightening incident at the store on Harehills Lane.

Peter Bleasby racially abused security guard and threatened to attack him with hammer at Heron Foods, Harehills Lane.

Peter Bleasby racially abused security guard and threatened to attack him with hammer at Heron Foods, Harehills Lane.

Bleasby, 44, has a long criminal history for shop thefts and was banned from the store at the time of the incident on May 23 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard the security guard recognised Bleasby and told him he was not allowed inside when he tried to enter around 7pm.

Emma Downing, prosecuting, said Bleasby immediately became aggressive.

He began shouting with such force that spit landed on the security guard's face.

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Bleasby also pushed him against a freezer and said: "Who do you think you are, trying to stop me from coming in here.

"You have no idea who I am. I am going to batter you."

A manager then went to help and Bleasby made threats to both of them.

He said: "I'm going to come back at lock-up and do you both.

"I am going to put a f****** hammer in to your head. You should not be in this country. F*** off back to where you come from."

Bleasby left but was detained nearby by a police community support officer.

The defendant was interviewed and told police he became angry as he wanted to buy some ice cream.

He said he believed he was allowed into the store as 12 months had passed since his last ban.

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Bleasby, of Foundry Approach, Gipton, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault.

A victim statement was read to the court on behalf of the security guard.

He described how he was too frightened to work at the store since the incident.

It had also caused him to suffer stress and anxiety

Kenton Sergeant, mitigating, said Bleasby could not remember much about the incident because he had been drinking.

He was also on methadone at the time of the incident to control his drug addiction.

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Sentencing Bleasby, Judge Rodney Jameson, QC, said: "The time has come for an immediate custodial sentence.

"Community orders have been unable to prevent you from committing offences.

"It is more than time you understood that behaviour of this kind will cost you an immediate custodial sentence.

"It involved frightening a man who was doing his best to work on behalf of the public.

"He was so concerned about those threats that he has been unable to continue with his employment."

"You insulted him grossly as a result of his colour."