Domestic abuse victim suffered brain injuries as she was beaten 'from head to toe' by violent jealous partner at her home in Leeds

A woman suffered bleeding to her brain and 22 blunt force injuries to her body as she was beaten 'from head to toe' by her violent jealous boyfriend.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 4:45 am

Police officers came across a distressing scene at a house in Farnley where they found the woman covered in blood with clumps of her hair missing.

Leeds Crown Court heard the victim was unable to tell officers what had happened to her as she suffered from amnesia as a result of the severe beating.

Michael Collins, prosecuting, said the woman’s brain injuries continue almost two years after the assault and may be permanent.

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Daniel Crawley was jailed for 34 months.

Daniel Crawley was jailed for two years and ten months over the attack which took place in September 2019.

The court heard the mum-of-three began a relationship with Crawley, who she knew from school, after splitting up with the father of her children.

Mr Collins said: "Under the influence of the defendant she was drinking more heavily.

"The offence occurred at a time when the relationship was strained.

"He would accuse the complainant of seeing other men."

A neighbour called the police in the early hours of the morning after hearing a disturbance at the victim's home.

A male voice could be heard shouting: "How long have you been speaking to him?"

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He quickly locked the door again when he realised it was the police and ran off through the back of the property.

The officers gained entry to the house through the patio and came across clear signs of a disturbance.

Mr Collins said there was a large wet blood stain and clumps of hair in the living room and kitchen.

There was also a belt which had hair around the buckle.

The woman was on a sofa. She was breathing but unable to engage with the officers and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Read more: Police found cannabis farm worth £36,000 when they executed search warrant at a house in BeestonThe prosecutor said: "She spoke with medical staff but could not say how she was injured or what caused the disturbance.

"She had no memory of how it occurred.

"She allowed the police to take photographs of her injuries.

"It is clear from those photographs that she had sustained injuries from head to toe.

"There were injuries to her forehead, eye, chin, back, neck, arms, hand, the top of both thighs and feet.

"She had sustained swelling to the left side of her face and was missing clumps of hair to the back of her scalp."

In total there were 22 sites of blunt force injury to her body.

She also suffered bleeding to the left side of her brain.

The victim was discharged from hospital after 13 days but continued to suffer with amnesia and neurological problems.

Mr Collins said: "The doctors were concerned as people who had suffered this level of post traumatic amnesia have a chance of permanent deficit."

Crawley was circulated as wanted by the police following the attack

He was arrested almost two months later when he attended St James Hospital with his new partner who was pregnant.

The defendant denied causing the injuries then refused to comment during interview.

He has previous convictions for violence and drug dealing.

Andrew Dallas, mitigating, said Crawley had been drinking and taking drugs before the attack and had little memory of what he had done.

Mr Dallas said Crawley had not planned the attack. He added that the defendant had been working hard since the incident to support his new family

Sentencing, Judge Simon Batiste said: "The circumstances of this offence are, to some degree, shrouded in mystery, given that the complainant, as a result of the injuries she suffered had amnesia.

"You claim you cannot remember.

"Whatever the circumstances were, what subsequently took place was a highly sustained and violent attack upon her.

"It is clear from the expert's report that she suffered at least 22 sites of blunt force injury.

"The photographs in this case are indicative of a sustained assault and an extremely violent assault."