'Cruel, wicked and brutal': 64-year-old man locked 13-year-old girl in his Leeds flat and raped her after she helped carry his shopping home

A 13-year-old girl was raped by a 64-year-old man who locked her in his flat after she offered to help him carry his shopping home.

Monday, 4th October 2021, 4:45 am

Victor Thompson subjected the vulnerable teenager to a "cruel, wicked and brutal" sex attack at his home in Headingley, Leeds, after taking advantage of her act of kindness.

A judge described the victim as having suffered the most extreme psychological harm he had ever seen in his career.

Thompson was given an extended prison sentence of 14 years over the horrific attack which lasted more than three hours before she was allowed to leave

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Rapist Victor Thompson carried out a brutal sex attack on a 13-year-old girl at his flat in Leeds after she helped him carrying his shopping home.

Kitty Colley, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court the attack happened on April 18 this year after the girl left her home to go for a walk.

While walking along Queenswood Drive she saw Thompson carrying shopping shortly after 3pm.

The prosecutor said: "The defendant appeared to be struggling so she offered to help and took it to his house nearby."

The teenager went inside the property to drop off the bags but Thompson locked the door.

Victor Thompson raped the 13-year-old girl at his home on Queenswood Drive.

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The defendant refused to let her out when she asked to leave.

Thompson then switched on the television and offered the girl a cigarette.

He began touching her when she sat down on the sofa.

He continued to touch her despite her telling him to stop.

Thompson offered her beer and started to kiss her.

He then took her to the bedroom and carried out the rape offence.

Afterwards he said to her: "If you go and tell anyone then I will set you on fire."

Thompson got dressed and took the girl into the living room where he subjected her to a further degrading sexual assault.

The girl was then made to drink cider and Thompson refused to leave her alone.

He followed her when she went to the toilet and stood outside the room.

Thompson then said to her: "Every girl needs cash. If you come back I will give you some."

The victim again asked to leave but Thompson refused, saying: "No, we are having fun."

He made her go into the bedroom and continued the sexual abuse.

Thompson eventually let her go around 6.20pm when she told him that her mother would be worried but made her promise to go back and see him.

As soon as she got out of the property she ran to a member of the public for help.

She asked the man if she could use his phone to dial 999.

The man later told police that she was crying and appeared to be in shock.

Describing the attack to police officers, she said: "I was scared. I wasn't sure what would happen and if I would make it out.

"I have heard about paedophiles and people not making it out."

Police officers went to Thompson's home and arrested him after climbing in through a window.

Thompson told the officers: "I'm surprised you haven't already come for me, if I'm honest."

He went on to describe his offending as a "mistake" as he knew the girl was below the age of consent.

He also stated that it was "the best thing that ever happened to him."

Thompson pleaded guilty to rape, sexual assault and a further serious sexual assault.

The court heard Thompson is an alcoholic and has 30 previous convictions for 81 offences dating back to 1983.

Most of his convictions are for shoplifting. He has no previous convictions for sex offences.

Michael Collins, mitigating, described the offences being as out of character.

He said: "It is clear that the defendant has lived a relatively unhappy life.

"For most of the time he is alone and lacks any social interaction. There is no significant history of any relationships.

Mr Collins added: "He accepts responsibility for his offending.

"He is very upset at the damage he has caused to his young victim."

Thompson was assessed as posing a high risk of sexual harm to children in a probation service report.

Sentencing, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC: "It is almost impossible to put into words the horror of what you did to that child on that afternoon.

"It was cruel, wicked and brutal.

"I have never come across a case in my judicial career where the psychological effect has been greater."

Thompson was told he must serve a ten-year custodial term, of which he must spend at least two-thirds in prison before he can apply to the parole board for release.

He must then serve an extended licence period of four years.

After the case, Detective Inspector Vicky Alexander, of Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “Thompson subjected this vulnerable young girl to an absolutely appalling sexual attack after luring her back to his flat and plying her with alcohol.

“The victim has been left understandably traumatised by this ordeal, and specialist Safeguarding officers have been supporting her throughout the investigation and the court process.

“He is clearly a predatory sex offender who presents a risk to females, and we hope the significant sentence he has received will provide some suitable reassurance to the victim, her family and the wider community.

“Serious sexual offending such as this will always attract the highest level of investigation by specialist officers to ensure that offenders like Thompson are brought to justice.

"We hope successful prosecutions such as this will also help to give victims the confidence to come forward and report offences.”