City Buzz: New bar Shuffledog opens in Leeds

Manager Daniel Persson at the new ShuffleDog bar opening.
Manager Daniel Persson at the new ShuffleDog bar opening.
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Sports bars are popping up left, right and centre across Leeds at the moment.

Ping pong, beer pong, mini golf, table football and even bowling are all catered for if you fancy a competitive night out.

Customers play on the shuffleboards at the new BrewDog bar opened at Crispin Lofts, Leeds

Customers play on the shuffleboards at the new BrewDog bar opened at Crispin Lofts, Leeds

And now it would appear there is a new kid on the block with a rather unusual pastime.

Popular bar BrewDog is celebrating the launch of its new sister club Shuffledog.

And the brains behind the operation are wanting to take the new sporting opportunity at their newest venue all the way to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Let me introduce to you the concept of Shuffleboard.

What is this new game I hear you ask?

Well it involves players using cues to push weighted discs across a court into a marked scoring area.

And it would appear that the concept has a rich history dating back almost 500 years.

It has even received the Royal stamp of approval after King Henry VIII was apparently said to be a huge fan of the sport.

And now the search is on with Shuffledog teams taking to the city’s streets to recruit new contenders to represent the city at the regal sport in their “official” new training ground.

There will even be regular tournaments inviting Shuffleboard enthusiasts to perfect their skills and test out their competitive sides.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: “Shuffleboard should absolutely be represented at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“We are on a mission to recruit an epic Great British Shuffleboard team.

“ShuffleDog Leeds will be the official training ground for discovering Shuffleboard’s rising stars, and allowing them to hone their skills.

“It is the perfect sport for our great nation to excel in; it’s social, requires little to no athleticism and you can drink great beer while you train.

“Henry VIII was a big fan of Shuffleboard, and we think this game of kings is ready for a long overdue comeback.

“Play our pucks right, and the Great British Shuffleboard team could be the most successful sporting team this country has ever produced.”

There are three Shuffleboard tables in the new bar as well as a selection of pinball machines and board games.

And Shuffledog has even invited creative fans to submit their suggestions for the design for the first official Great Britain Shuffleboard Team uniform that they are hoping to launch.

The new ShuffleDog concept bar, in New York Road, is the latest new project from the brewery, which now operates 29 bars across the world.

The newest arrival on the city’s bar scene serves 35 beers on tap, including a range of BrewDog beers and guest beers from a selection of hand-picked international breweries.

And it will also host regular ‘Meet the Brewer’ events showcasing local and global breweries.

James added: “BrewDog has always looked to experiment and innovate, so we are really excited to be opening new concept bars such as ShuffleDog, which offer something new to beer fans.

“We have so many plans in the pipeline and each will deliver something slightly different, but championing great craft beer will always be at the heart of everything we do.”

City Buzz can’t wait to see what sporting opportunity will pop up next.