Christmas Day Leeds knife murderers branded 'monsters' as they are jailed for life

Two men who stabbed a 'wonderful son' to death in a Leeds street after a drunken fight erupted at a Christmas Day house party have been  jailed for life.

Friday, 12th July 2019, 13:06 pm
Tomasz Dybicz

A Leeds Crown Court judge told Tomasz Dybicz and Pawel Stragowski they must each serve a minimum of 21-years for the murder of 30-year-old Maksym Polomka in Beeston.

A jury convicted Dybicz and Stragowski of murder after hearing they armed themselves with kitchen knives and stabbed Mr Polomka eight times.

Pawel Stragowski

Mr Polomka died from a stab wound to his jugular vein in the early hours of Boxing Day morning.

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Mr Polomka's father Andrzej and mother Malgorzata wrote in a victim impact statement read to the court: "We still have tears in our eyes as soon as we think about our beloved son Maksym.

"We were very proud and happy that we had such a wonderful son. Now our world has crumbled.

Maksym Polomka

"Every Christmas will remind us of this horrifying day, the day of his death."

Mr Polomka's older brother Dawid wrote: "I feel like someone has wrenched my heart out of my chest."

Dawid Polomka added: "I am broken, I am devastated. They took away my closest person on the planet and I can't accept it.. I am crying now and I am in pieces."

Maksym Polomka's sister Alexandra wrote: "These two people, or rather monsters, took the life of my brother. My brother, who cared more about others than himself... He never hurt anyone in his life."

Dybicz, age 29, of of Robb Street, Beeston and Stragowski, age 28, of Coleshill Way, Bradford, were also each convicted of possessing an offensive weapon after a three week trial.

Neither man has any previous criminal convictions.

Jailing both men, Judge Tom Bayliss QC, told them: "Maksym Polomka has died a needless death.

"His death was a tragedy; a complete and utter waster of a promising young life."

Judge Bayliss said he had read a victim impact statement from Mr Polomka's partner Natalia Putilo, adding: "She describes her life as meaningless without Maksym.

"Her sorrow and misery is beyond description. Her heart is broken."

As well as the fatal injury to his jugular vein, Mr Polomka had also suffered slash wounds to his scalp, shoulder, thigh and bite injuries to his arms.

Dybicz and Stragowski chased after others after stabbing Mr Polomka before Stragowski returned and kicked Mr Polomka as he lay dying on the ground.

Mr Polomka and a group of others had been to a Christmas Day party at a house on Wooler Avenue, Beeston.

Some then left that party to go to Dybicz's house nearby on Robb Street to continue the festive celebrations.

Violence erupted at the house on Robb Street Mr Polomka argued with his girlfriend Ms Putilo.

Jurors were told Dybicz and Stragowski armed themselves with knives before attacking Mr Polomka outside the property on Robb Street.

Ms Putilo told the court during the trial how violence broke out when she had an argument with Mr Polomka at the party.

She said she was tired and wanted to go home but Mr Polomka wanted to stay.

She said: “He then grabbed hold of me and started to shake me. He wasn’t threatening my life or anything. It was just an argument and he did not mean to cause me any harm.”