Bungling Leeds burglar’s vital clue

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A ROGUE builder who burgled a customer’s home was caught after leaving behind his business card.

A court heard Felix Connors, 24, sneaked into the victim’s bedroom and stole a jewellery box while one of his colleagues distracted her.

Connors was caught after he left a business card at the property. It had his phone number and his initials on it.

The crooked workman was serving a suspended prison at the time of the offence on December 6 last year. Leeds Crown Court heard Connors knocked on the woman’s door the day before the incident and told her he was called Richard.

He claimed he had been working on the roof of a neighbouring house and noticed her property had suffered storm damage.

He persuaded the woman to have some work done and a price of £150 was agreed.

Connors returned to the house on Preston Lane, Allerton Bywater, near Leeds with an older man who helped him carry out the work.

The men then knocked on the door after completing the work and began a conversation with the victim. Eleanor Fry, prosecuting, said Connors disappeared as the older man tried to persuade the woman into having more work done. Connors then returned and the men left.

The woman discovered her jewellery box was missing from her bedroom the next day. Miss Fry said the box contained jewellery worth £750 that was of great sentimental value.

Connors, of Pineapple Farm, Wakefield, was traced by police through the number on his business card. He claimed he had never been to the property and denied any involvement in the offence. The victim later recognised him during an identity procedure.

He continued to deny the offence but pleaded guilty to burglary shortly before he was due to go on trial.

Nicholas Goss, mitigating, said the offence was poorly planned and unsophisticated as he had left a business card linking him to the offence.

He added: “This was a perfect example of cack-handedness.”

Connors had been subject to a suspended sentence for burglary in which he targeted a property in search of copper.

Jailing him for 21 months, Recorder Andrew Baker said: “Her bedroom was violated and sentimental jewellery was taken. In my judgement, this was a serious matter.”

Police want to speak with this person.

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