Brick-wielding mugger fled as girl fought back

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A teenager has told how she bravely fought off a mugger who throttled her and attacked her with a brick in a bid to steal her phone.

The 18-year-old, who does not want to be identified, was walking to her home in Calverley when a youth grabbed her from behind and demanded her iPhone.

The girl, who was speaking to her boyfriend at the time, said: “He had his arm around my neck and at first I thought it was one of my friends so I turned around and said ‘who are you?’ but he said again ‘give me your phone’.

“My partner, who could hear what was happening, told me to run but I couldn’t.

“He had a brick in his hand and he whacked me with it – not hard enough to do any serious injury, but to scare me.

“His grip was getting tighter and I could feel myself passing out, but I got myself out of the headlock and fell onto my back.

“I kept kicking and screaming and we both had hold of each other.

“Eventually I let go and he ran off.”

The girl, who works in a nearby shop, was on Crowther Avenue in Calverley after visiting friends when the incident happened at about 10.45pm on September 23.

She said: “I have walked up that street at night since I was 13 and have never thought anything of it.

“I wouldn’t advise anyone to fight back in that situation, but I’m quite strong willed and went with my instincts.

“It wasn’t until afterwards that the reality of what had happened hit me and the shock kicked in. It’s still affecting me – I can be fine one minute and in tears the next.”

She appealed for people to contact police with information, saying: “If anyone knows anything they should tell police because I don’t think he would think twice about doing it again.”

The robber was thought to be white and aged in his late teens.

Anyone with information should call the Leeds Outer West neighbourhood policing team on 101.

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