Bogus workman arrested as he attempts to scam 80-year-old man for fake roofing job

A bogus workman has been arrested as he attempted to scam a 80-year-old man for a fake roofing job.

Saturday, 15th February 2020, 11:45 am

The conman visited the elderly victim's home in Knottingley on Thursday, posing as a roofer.

He claimed the tiles on the victim's roof were damaged and needed repairing, quoting £900 for the work.

The victim asked if he could pay the large sum by cheque, but was told there would be a 10% increase in the bill. He went to the bank to withdraw the cash, while the suspect waited at the house.

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Police have warned elderly residents to be aware of fake workman after the recent stormy weather

Thankfully, staff at the bank were trained in spotting a scam and were alerted to the large amount of cash the victim asked to withdraw.

They asked the victim a series of questions and alerted the police, suspecting the roofing job was a scam.

Police officers immediately attended the victim's home and arrested the suspect for deception offences.

He was taken into police custody.

Police have warned elderly residents to be on alert for bogus workers, who may use the stormy weather to deceive vulnerable people.

A spokesperson for the West Yorkshire Police fraud team said: "Please remind elderly relatives, neighbours or friends about this type of scam, as due to the stormy and windy weather these bogus workmen may prey on the vulnerable and try to obtain cash, through deception, for roofing work that is not necessary."